Happy 4th from FroCo

An awesome (and eventful) Independence Day in Southern Franklin County! I worked a bit in the morning, we had lunch in town in the afternoon, and did the Riverwalk thing in Saranac Lake before the fireworks. The eventful part? I made a super cool purchase (which I will reveal tomorrow), and … we somehow left the dome light on and drained the car battery … right in front Harrietstown Town Hall … with a crowd right there at the four corners. Not too too embarrassing – we called a friend and got a quick jump-start. Here’s a few snaps …






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6 responses to “Happy 4th from FroCo

  1. ouch,… like the time i was working outside and left the car stereo playing, then turned the stereo off and didn’t turn the ignition off. And I had to get to work in the a.m…. double-ouch! Is the 16th still on for the meetup?

  2. reneé

    that street shot is awesome…

  3. Love it! Pics are brilliant.

  4. peggy

    you are having way too good a life up there! LOL

  5. I agree with Renee. The street shot is awesome!

    In the past, I’ve used Adirondack hills to get the car rolling and pop the clutch. One car was so bad, I had to look for uphill parking spots.

  6. I love Saranac Lake!

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