Wattle Wattle

It occurred to me … I have all this green wood in the brush pile, and I need to take down another tag alder this week – and I’ve always wanted to build a wattle fence. Wattle being “an interwoven mesh of twigs; wattle; the act of making such a mesh.” (As opposed to waddle, the thing a duck does.)

No time like the present.

I made a ten foot section, which was exciting. So, then I thought I might as well move on over to the old stump. And then I added some on the other side. And then I liked it so much, I put in the posts so I can starting going around back of the shed/cabin. Another neat thing about all this is that it give the cut brush something useful to do, rather than just sitting there in a pile. Basically, you pound in your upright, maybe a three inch or bigger limb, make sure you have plenty of thinner green limbs, maybe an inch or whatever will work … and weave, baby, weave! Next week, I’m thinking of doing an archway. And later on, maybe I’ll try more of a basket pattern. Need lots of uniform wood for that though. Awesome.

Looks neat, and it’s really rather strong! Here’s the play-by-play …






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8 responses to “Wattle Wattle

  1. This is fabulous! I’ve never seen a fence like this in the south where I live.

  2. What a great idea,…looks so neat.

  3. Wow, good for you! I have thought about doing this before… We have so much willow, etc. growing wild here that would lend itself to such a project. But, have I done it? Nope; I just sit in my cozy chair and dream of how cool it would look. lol! Yours is wonderful and your “get up and do it gumption” even more so!

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic! All that weaving and knitting experience coming out in the building of a fence! I love it!

  5. reneé

    looks like art to me.
    reminds me of andy goldsworthy.
    very beautiful.

  6. Carol

    That is the coolest thing!

  7. That is REALLY cool! It looks great – and is such a great use of your natural resources.

  8. PCS

    Excellent fence!

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