Growing, Growing, Dawn

Hey, friends!

Got up just after sunrise today – which is when I should have been taking photos. However, the thought did occur to me by about eight o’clock. I still got a few shots while the light was still good. June is Bustin’ Out all Over here in the North, but what we’re really waiting for is July. 50F this morning. Still, things are growing beautifully around The Pines. Enjoy the flora pics – in a week or two we’re moving on to house demo posts!






Lettuce & Zukes


Annuals & Perennials


Wild Roses



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6 responses to “Growing, Growing, Dawn

  1. I just left a comment on Cedar’s website about her picture of hawkweed- and click over and you have pictures of Wild Rose. Another favorite. Did you know it’s the offical New York State flower?

    I do miss those Adirondack wildflowers…

  2. I didn’t know that! Well, I am certainly State-Proud over here – I have those wild roses all over the place.

  3. Neat new header photo,…. and your garden is growing nicely. that lettuce looks great.

  4. Your garden and your flowers look great! Looks like you are nicely settled in your new home!

  5. lilly

    I have always know your driveway flower as the Indian Paint Brush and as a child picked many boquets of this for my Mom. I think they have they most beautiful colors and used to try to look for those colors among my crayons, your tomatoes are looking about the same as my deck plant and I can’t wait for a ripe one and not a store bought piece of gold. They are so expensive in the store I try not to buy them unless necessary. Lilly

  6. Oh the garden looks just beautiful! The plants look so healthy and happy.

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