Come Into My Garden …

Said the spider to the fly.

100_0875I wish. Plenty of flies around here. It’s getting better though. While waiting for the electric to be put in, I’ve been spending my time clearing brush, dragging branches, cutting weeds, and creating more space. Isn’t that a neat concept? Actually creating more space. Our property had not (if ever) been properly taken care of for years, and weed-trees abounded. So, I’ve been clearing out the invasive stuff from the side yard and opening up more space, for myself and for the good trees. Nowdays, Spruce and Cedar abound, and an apple tree too. And they’re growing much better now that they can get some decent sun.

Looking mighty Alpine over there in the side yard! Awesome.




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4 responses to “Come Into My Garden …

  1. Lookin’ good on the homestead 🙂 Sounds like things are progressing nicely too.

    And Happy Belated Birthday!!! As norm, I am running behind on all.

  2. Alliedog

    Your property is looking so nice! I was doing some cleaning out of old weed trees myself and grabbed onto some poison ivy/sumac/oak (who knows!) and have been regretting my reckless ways for the past several weeks. Be careful.

  3. wow, you are sure keeping busy out there, and it’s looking great!

  4. I love the woodsy walkway. It reminds me of some I created on our place before we actually moved in–a little footbridge over the creek, stone-lined paths…

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