Well, friends – it’s my birthday.

Not ashamed to mention that it’s number forty-two, and the silver hair has been well on its way in for a few years now. I am forgetting how old I am too – I just had to subtract 1967 from 2009 to be sure. I’m taking today as a day of thanksgiving. Let’s call it Thanksbirthday. We’re not going to have turkey or anything, but we will be heading to The ‘Burgh to go to my favorite moderately-priced-restaurant.

We don’t do a whole lot with birthdays around our place. This year, that fact is especially perfect – I’d say I’ve received just about the best birthday present ever … we moved to the Adirondacks. I have my garden. I am comfortable in the RV. I actually like living in the RV. We planned well, and our end-of-the-month balance is still going up instead of down. When we had a potential financial disaster with the new electric service, we were able to handle it and will soon be hooked up. I have my new canoe. I have this blog, and like-minded online friends. However small, I love that I am a minor player in the Adirondack online community. I have some new friends in the side yard in the form of my favorite Spruce trees. And I have the little shed/cabin. That’s a big one. It’s totally my retreat, and I adore it.

In a year with this many birthday gifts, I’m hard pressed to even come up with anything I could say I want.

Isn’t it funny how the little comment from someone can make your day? Yesterday, I was at the neighbor’s house, sitting out with friends for The Evening Beer. We were talking about gardening and the fact that I might like to open a vegetable stand next year. Talked a bit about my paddle last weekend too, and which ponds we like best. A friend said, “I don’t know how you survived in the city. You seem like you were born here.” Best birthday ever.



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19 responses to “Thanksbirthday

  1. Happy Birthday my friend!!!!!!!!

  2. hideawayhill

    Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day in the Burgh, and pick someplace air conditioned. When I was down there yesterday the thermometer read 90, and it will be worse today. Silver hairs or not, you are still young! Enjoy your day and enjoy getting home later.

  3. themac

    Happy Birthday! Could it get any better?? Sunsets, stars, canoe trips, wonderful neighbors AND no mention of the Cranks.

  4. Oh! Happy Birthday my friend! You are still a kid for Heaven’s sake! Enjoy your new life and do everything you dream of…. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Oh! Forgot to mention…My tomatoes have been forming now for about 2 weeks, BUT…I think the squirrels have been snacking again…sheesh!

  6. Happy Birthday! I didn’t realize you and Greeley shared a birthday. She turned two yesterday… so far, no gray hairs.

  7. reneé

    happy thanksbirthday!
    i hear a freezing cold gin martini is the traditional drink of this holiday 😉

  8. Happy Birthday – and what a way to celebrate! Best way ever, in your forever home. Glad you were “born” there!

  9. Happy, happy birthday! I am so happy for you that you are so enjoying all that you have and are living your life to the fullest, doing what you want to do, and appreciating it all – if only more people did that! May God bless you on your special day and in the coming year! Enjoy your dinner and don’t count the calories! 😀 Happy day!

  10. Happy Birthday to you…. I know the feeling of not wanting anything. That is how I felt this year on my birthday.

    Love to you and yours.

  11. Well….a very happy birthday to you and with many blessings for the year to come! blessings,Kathleen

  12. adktricollie

    Happy Birthday! Forty-two years young! This year was the first birthday I also celebrated as a full-time resident of the daks. No more horn blowing yellow taxi’s & noisy garbage trucks, just the sound of the birds!

  13. corin

    Happy Birthday!

  14. I think you are celebrating your birthday in the best place ever. Nature throws the best party.

    Happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday! Only 42, eh? ahhhh just think of all those birthdays yet to come. And you will be right where you want to be to enjoy them!

  16. I figure lugging all these tree branches around is only getting me in better shape for 42 more birthdays!

  17. Oh goodness! How did I miss your birthday? Happy, Happy Birthday, just a bit late.

    I didn’t realize our dates were so close. Mine was the 21st. June babies!

  18. Hey, sorry I missed it! We’re the same vintage.



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