My Ship

You know that old Kurt Weill/Ira Gershwin song, “My Ship?” It’s a stunner. Written for the musical, “Lady in the Dark,” which starred one of my favorite old-time ladies, Gertrude Lawrence.

My ship has sails that are made of silk,
The decks are trimmed with gold,
And of jam and spice there’s a paradise in the hold.

My ship’s aglow with a million pearls
And rubies fill each bin,
The sun sits high in a sapphire sky when my ship comes in.

canoeMy particular ship is an 11′ inflatable canoe with an aluminum frame, and it is awesome. Tough as nails too. I had forgetten about these new-fangled inflatables. After two previous depressing trips to The ‘Burgh to find the canoe of my dreams – light, fits in the van, moderately priced – I ran into this beauty. 45 pounds, and I could really handle it alone if I needed to. The neighbor looked at me like I was nuts when I told him I bought an inflatable canoe. I think he imagines some class of cheesy rubber dingy that comes to a point in the front. Not so – she’s a beast, and she’s a beaut! I call her “The Iron Butterfly.”

Me being impatient and all, I lasted about five minutes once we got back home and blew her up. (Actually very complicated!) A friend across the street drove us down to Jones Pond (we weren’t sure we knew where it was), and I had a grand ol’ afternoon of paddling. That’s me out there!


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9 responses to “My Ship

  1. What a wonderful thing to have – a canoe! No matter what the material, it floats!!! (So does Ivory soap!)

    Sounds like you are having troubles with internet like we are. We have to have satelite because our nearest neighbor that has CenturyTell is too far away (1 1/2 miles) for them to hook us up, even though we have CenturyTell for phone! Duh!

    Good luck with DirectTV.

  2. An inflatable canoe! WHAT will they think of next! And i am not surprised you found it!Happy sailing my friend….

  3. I’ll bet you wil enjoy that and then move on up to a Hornbeck in a year or so. Wear your life vest,… said mama!

  4. Life vest – You know I do, Cedar! Even when I’m on Jones, which you can totally see the bottom of! LOL

  5. Ah, canoeing. In the Adirondacks. I did that once! Just once. My first time, actually. My husband and I rented a canoe and took off across Lake Placid. Did you know that one can go around and around and around in circles in a canoe? Without even trying to? And after a while, your companion will yell at you and make you sit back and enjoy the ride and not “help” any further. I haven’t been in a canoe since.

    I’ll bet you don’t go around in circles in YOUR canoe!

  6. lilly

    Good Lord Girl what will you think of next. I tried paddle boating once with one of the girls and all we done was go around in circles and laugh. I’ll stick to a boat with a motor. lilly

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  8. Yeah, Good Lord! ha.

    That “boat” would make Rushton roll-over, especially if you named it “The Inflatable Indian Girl”.

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