Rainy Daze

There’s such a whirlwind of outdoor tasks at hand on nice days, I hardly know what to do with myself in the rain. I’m finding that in the Adirondacks, even a slow drip like this seems to put one in a sort of bleary, cozy dream.

100_0860Adirondack rain is different than city rain. Settles the spirit. It has color, life, and scent. You can watch it coming down into the valley from towns eastward. I love the rain. Still, I needed to get some indoor activities on the docket. I bought a copy of The House of Seven Gables for fifty cents and I have my May Sarton book to finish. And I was thinking I might like to watch Manor House again. Time being, I’m in the cabin with my propane heater, in my rocking chair, communing with blog friends. You guys, I totally even have a wool plaid throw on my lap and candles lit. Awesome. I guess we need these kind of days, huh?

The rain is nothing like the squall that they had promised (whoever they are), but a steady slow drip. I spent an hour over at the store talking to my neighbor friend, until The Old Crank showed up. (Incident Report below.)

100_0862Mother Nature has been mighty consistent about alternating our wet weather with bright weather, and that’s been awesome for the plants. There’s new growth everywhere, and here at The Pines, that’s especially good news – because many of the plants (and trees) are new, either planted by seed or transplanted. Lettuce is the clear winner in the vegetable garden category, and the yellow squashums came in second – they just came up yesterday. Basil came in third, just peeking out this morning. I’m still waiting on everything else. Lots of new growth on the spruces. Named for the neighbors, I call them The Three Sisters. (If I only had a seagull, I could totally sponsor a repertory season of Russian tragedies in the side yard.)

100_0853With the side yard cleaned up and the “good” trees less choked by weeks, the birds are back en masse! (I’m sure the suet I hung in the trees didn’t hurt either.) I don’t know much about birds, but I have a regular male cardinal, blue jays, the ever present crows, and a bunch of little browny things that I don’t know what they are. Also, this place is lousy with butterflies! Dozens of ’em! My neighbors have had none, so with this junky place, I’m entitled to gloat a little. They fly ’round and ’round the sheddycabin, and congregate in a pile of dirt out back. I know they’re probably laying eggs or mating or something, but I prefer to think of it as a butterfly coffee clatch – little momma butterflies knitting booties and such.

Old Cranky Guy Next Door Report for Today – In residence.
Crank Level – Low. Dour spirits evidently quelled by the rain.

Incident Report – Direct contact as I was exiting the store! Danger!



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7 responses to “Rainy Daze

  1. Kat

    I’m not an expert on butterflies but I think those are tiger swallowtails. A lot of butterflies feed on mud, which is what your swallowtails seem to be doing. Careful that you don’t do too much cleaning up – you may destroy a favored host plant for the swallowtail caterpillar. I don’t know what plant that is for them but for monarchs it’s the milkweed plant. It’s the only thing their caterpillars can eat. If we lose the milkweeds, the monarchs become extinct.

    Anyhoo, I follow a blog called Adirondack Naturalist (I didn’t see it on your list). She’s an environmental educator in Newcomb. Bet she’s got something on nearly everything you’ve seen there at the Pines.

    (PS – I’d love to live on the edge of a wetlands like that – a real magnet for wildlife.)

  2. Kat

    Looked it up: “After mating, female tiger swallowtails lay eggs on leaves of host plants. Host plants are the plants that caterpillars will eat. Host plants of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails include Yellow Poplar, Black Willow, Black Cherry, American Hornbeam, Red Maple, Spicebush, American Elm, and Sassafras.”

  3. So,… did TOK (The Old Crank) speak to you when you met face to face? Or did he just “harumpf!” and walk past? I’ll see you at the “meetup” if not before. Keep smiling it drives TOK crazy!

  4. Kate

    I LOVE ‘Manor House’! I kept my screener of it for ages and later got a DVD set. Kenny’s my fave…

  5. “butterfly coffee clatch” – I love it!!! And I love the “house” series too but I never did see the Manor House – I saw Pioneer House, 1940s House and the Texas Ranch House, can’t remember if I watched Colonial House…I’ll have to see if I can get Manor House through the library. Sounds like you did just fine enjoying your rainy day! 🙂

  6. PCS

    Love the “TOK” abreviation

  7. LOL

    TOK spoke to me to say hello, but I jumped in first with a hale and hearty smiley greeting to disarm him. =)

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