Summer Adirondack Skies




Old Cranky Guy Next Door Report for Today – Walking down the road towards me.
Crank Level – Indeterminate. (I turned my back.)



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5 responses to “Summer Adirondack Skies

  1. Hahahahaahaaaa!! I’ll be tuning in for the OCGND Report daily!

  2. I’ve been catching up on your entries, and enjoying every one. It sounds like your purely in heaven in your new digs.

    That sense of humor will serve you well in a small town, especially in dealing with the Old Cranky Guys.

  3. Lovely photos today. I hope you didn’t get ambushed by your crank after you saw him walking down the road towards you.

    Carolyn H.

  4. themac

    ahhh – beautiful sunsets!

    When my “downstate” friends traveled up here, they would always comment on how the sky seemed closer. And how dark it really got at night. Strange thing that it never really got dark in the City.

  5. Beautiful skies and I love the CRANK report! I should add the “WEIRD NEIGHBOR” report to my blog – LOL!!

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