Rocking Down to Electric Avenue

Good thing happening around here. Good things.

100_0767I wouldn’t say we’re exactly settled in. I think of settled in as the time when you stop having to run errands to buy fussy little things that you need to be comfortable. Things like can openers and clip fans. (Both on our list.) One thing that is off my list is electric service! Don’t be too excited – we don’t have it yet. We’re still on generator. But I met with our (awesome) electrician yesterday, and he’s going to handle the whole thing. I did the advance work and got a work order going, but now he’s going to take over dealing with the planner, having the pole put in, building a new pedestal and installing service. Besides the fact that I had to take the old electric line down (it attached to the old house), I think it would have been time for an update anyway. The old meter(s) looked a little outdated. Don’t you think?

100_0769New electric service is going to be a big deal around here. Yeah, we’re reasonably comfortable with the generator, but it’s kind of a pain. I don’t really mind starting the generator to pump water, to watch a DVD, to charge the battery, or to play my digital piano. It’s not the end of the world or anything, but it is a little less than pleasant when it’s cold and raining.

The electic (and the pole) will allow us to have a proper pump and water line from the well. It will allow us to have cable. It will allow me to run my sawzall so I can start getting the house down. It will allow us to run the RV furnace whenever we want (sans generator). It will allow us to run the air conditioner (central air and heat in the RV) if and when it gets hot. We won’t have to worry if we’re running down the battery. And we won’t need to run the fridge on propane anymore.

Funny how just having electricity is going to feel like comparitive luxury! Ha!

Old Cranky Guy Next Door Report for Today – In attendance.
Crank Level – High, voice carrying 150 feet.


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  1. old saying takes on new meaning… “power to the people!”

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