Darks and Lights

Grey day yesterday at The Pines. And Sunny too. I’ll skip the platitude about the quick changes in weather … I’m sure you all know it.

In local news – Did you know that Nathan is riding his bike across the country coast-to-coast to raise money for the Nature Conservancy? He is. And he’s mighty cool too. He’s coming through the Adirondacks, and should be in Tupper Lake right about … now. Any like-minded nature-loving conservation folks over there that would like to visit with him, just let me know and I’ll pass the word. Or you can Twitter him at @follownathan.

100_0766In the weather column – It started out rainy at six this morning, warm bright sun about eleven or noon, and a few chapters-worth of thunderstorms this afternoon. Perfect weather for the garden! Rufus and I took a stroll about our meager property – Why is he so well behaved in the neighbor’s yard, but runs around willynilly at home? Takes three shouts to get him to listen. All in good time, I guess. He was particularly interested in the new vegetable garden. I’m assuming the lure was the scent of horse manure, as opposed to the interesting seed labels.

100_0765We stuck in the cabin this afternoon and waited out the rain in style. I played the piano a bit – mostly hymns from the Methodist Hymnal. Don’t have much music with me right now, so I stuck with the hymnody, a few musical theatre tunes from memory, and some of my score from the Edgar Allan Poe thing that I wrote. Interesting how I really soaked into the music like never before. I’m going to attribute it to rain on the roof, pleasant surroundings, and Adirondack Magic. In fact, it gave me an idea … Maybe write some new Adirondack inspired music and record a CD. I mean, I have all the equipment, and I could do it right here from the sheddycabin.

You know, I might just do that just to do it. And I promise I won’t name it something twee like “Adirondack Reflections” or somesuch.

You have a great day too!



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6 responses to “Darks and Lights

  1. Life is sure going well for you there,… put me on the list to buy that cd when it’s released!

  2. Wow! A CD! Add me to your sales list too! ;)Sounds like we are having the same weather pattern. Sun comes out and it get warm and muggy…then the clouds gather and it gets cool , dark and damp, threatening rain…

  3. lilly

    Our weather here in nys is about the same middway between Rochester and Syracuse. Brother in law is up for the summer from Florida and said the heat there is so hot they can’t stand it.They live in Punta Gorda. lilly

  4. LOL I know Punta Gorda! Grew up about an hour from there!

  5. I think the cd is a fantastic idea! Glad to see your settling in to your new life.

  6. I just loved reading your blog. I mentioned it on my blog and hope you will stop over. Thanks, Diane

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