The Studio

Well, sure.

100_0760It’s a little rough yet – I have to finish up the insulation and planking on the walls. Since I attended to the outside of the sheddycabin yesterday, I attended to the inside today. Mostly, unpacking and stowing. Still have some piles of things sitting around inside, and I still have to finish insulating and planking the walls, but the rug is down and the furniture is in place. (Sort of.) We even have electricity and my antler chandelier via extension cord!

100_0759We mean to use it as a retreat/extra room/library/office/music room. (That reminds me that I need to put shelf brackets on the shopping list.) It’s pretty cool as it is though. Nice to have the extra room. I got my piano set up today, and I have to admit that it’s pretty awesome to sit and play the piano with the side door open to the trees, chirping birds, breezes. Who has the coolest music room in town? I do! (Actually, I daresay – I have the only music room in town.) With a little effort and clever placement, it won’t look like an antique warehouse for much longer!



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9 responses to “The Studio

  1. It looks fantastic! You DO get things done! 🙂

  2. You do! You do! Of course, it is a very small town…

  3. lilly

    How cozy your small cabin is. Wish we could be there to hear your music. Needless to say I am jealous. lilly

  4. It definitely has the “retreat” feeling. Hard to believe what you’ve been able to do with a shed – bravo!! 🙂

  5. Looks great,.. best music room in the whole darn county!

  6. themac

    How quaint!! How is Rufus adjusting to the changes? I need to get out and see you one of these days!! WITH COOKIES!

  7. It’s looking better Mac. Still a dump with the old house there and all, but looking better. Rufus is good! Took him over when we went for the five o’clock beers (a downtown Gabe tradition), and he was fine running around the neighbors yard all evening. Even listened when I called him back. We’re here now … so plenty of time to get together!

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