The Greens at the Pines

It was garden day!

100_0740Got the raised bed built, although not as tall as I wanted it. When I realized that it took 20 wheelbarrow-fulls of wet soil and 5 bags of manure to fill the 16″ high box … well, that was tall enough. It’s bigger that it looks in the pic – it’s twelve feet long. Honestly, the tall beds were planned because I’m lazy – I don’t like to stoop over. I guess no one really does. Anyhow, I’ll be stooping. Summer Squash, Zucchini, Danvers Carrots, Basil. Chives, Leaf Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Watermelon, Tomatoes. Oh, we’re gonna have a grand old time eating later this Summer and Fall.

100_0733Also, I planted some perennials and five of my favorite spruces! I call the babies “The Three Sisters” The Old Crank Down the Street thinks I’m nuts for planting my perennials before the house is even down. Even though they are clearly way far back from the house – not in the way at all. “Don’t you have something more productive to do that planting flowers and trees,” he asks. The electric is not in yet, so I really can’t get to the house until that’s done. Told him that. He kept complaining. Finally, I told him there was something to be said for enjoying yourself. “Well, you ought to be taking out those windows. Why don’t you take out those windows?” My answer was simple. “Because I don’t want to.”

On the upside … it’s looking awfully nice around the old sheddycabin!




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7 responses to “The Greens at the Pines

  1. Yes it is! Awfully nice. And a garden too. What a day you had.

  2. Alliedog

    Your landscaping looks great! Good luck with the garden, make sure you fence it against invaders.

  3. Wow you sure get a blue ribbon for not only the work you did but for restraint in responding to The Old Crank. I might not have been so pleasant! Good job. The shed looks great with the landscaping.

  4. The shed looks WONDERFUL! And I love the response to the Old Crank. I suspect we will all become very well acquainted with him in the near future! I should take some pictures of MY garden. AHEM!

    Great job!

  5. Look at how beautiful everything looks! You know there are plenty of cranky people to go around , but you know i would be right there with you, picking out spots for the lilies , columbine and rudbeckia! hahaha…

  6. Kat

    Love what you’ve done so far! I have to laugh at The Old Crank – he lives across the street from my folks too. Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.

    Summer squash, zucchini, watermelon and tomatoes are real space hogs. I don’t see any tomato plants in the picture, so I’m guessing that you have the big sprawly stuff in another bed(s).

    Anyway, congrats on the big move. I’m jealous! :0)

  7. Yep, everyone’s got an opinion about what you’re doing…welcome to small town life!

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