All’s for the Best in this Best of all Possible Worlds

We’re just about on the way. Van’s packed. We leave tomorrow morning.

Honestly, I felt a bit conflicted about even bothering to do the Friday post. I feel like I should be writing some grand celebratory treatise. Maybe that’s for after the weekend. On one hand, the final load-out and leaving the city for good is the biggest event, and on the other hand, I really have very little to say about it. No strong feelings or drama, really. Perhaps because the move has been so gradual. Perhaps because I truly do believe in the old Panglossian bonmot – “All’s for the best in this best of all possible worlds.”

100_0645Although we’re headed for a property full of mud (from the grading project), I tossed down some grass seed last weekend. If it took, it should be sprouting by now. See my little mud moat around the shed? Either way, mud and all, I can’t wait to be there … to not have to start a project and then run back to the city the next day. To be able grab the canoe and go down to the pond, and say, “I want to paddle today. The work can wait ’till tomorrow.”

This here little blog that I started in March passed 10,000 visitors today! Pretty cool. Thanks, guys! I really do enjoy writing it, talking with folks via comments (especially), and trying to be an ambassador for the Adirondacks (as they say – and they know who they are). I also hope that other folks who want to move to the country will find some useful info here. Anyhow. Cool.

100_0661So let’s hear it for the small pleasures – I’m exited about blogging from the Adirondacks, as opposed to at them. I’m excited about finishing off the cabin and turning it into a little Adk-styled library. I’m excited about placing the rustic antiques we kept.  I am thrilled about getting out of this dusty New York City apartment and into the super cool RV. (Although we’ve already stained the carpet.) Yeah, she’s slick. Tin Lizzie may be a little small, but the view from the windows is spectacular. May not be such a big deal to some, but looking out on Tamaracks, Spruce, and Pines on my own land is pretty neat to me.

See you in the Adirondacks!



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13 responses to “All’s for the Best in this Best of all Possible Worlds

  1. Congratulations on almost being entirely, completely moved and the 10,000 visitors.
    Looking forward to your blogs from the Adirondacks. 🙂

  2. Now that was a celebratory treatise if ever I read one! I hope today is one of the best highs you ever experience. I remember the day we moved to the mountains and the intoxicating feeling of freedom. May the same be yours.

    And about the mud–maybe a few flags/pavers/rocks to make a path across it so you don’t track mud everywhere? We’re mud experts in WV–lots of it and after 30+ years here it is still just as deep.

  3. Jean

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

  4. Jamie

    Enjoy what for many like me is still only a dream. I am heading up to the southern ADK for the weekend but will have to return to Central New York on Sunday night. Leaving is always disheartening and I truly wish I could make the ADK my permanent home. I am happy for you but also jealous. I look forward to the day I can be in the same position you will be today when you say good bye to NY City and arrive at your new home.

  5. What a great feeling to sleep in your own little new bed and look out the window in the morning at your own little view – and to be able to look at that view from now on … and never, never have to leave.

    Is this your “forever home?” I know mine is!!

  6. themac

    Welcome Home, Friend!!! This is going to be a great weekend – without snow hopefully!

    See you at Donnelly’s!

  7. the owning your own land part is such a big deal!!! I didnt think of that before. congrats. enjoy the view. I know you will never take it for granted 🙂

  8. lilly

    So glad to hear you are making the final trip to your new home. Enjoy it as much as I did and you will always be happy. Mud is part of living there and. Just keep a broom and mop handy and forget the carpeting for awhile.

  9. Yay! I love a good “dream come true story” and yours is wonderful, complete with slapstick humor, in the tradition of “Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House.”

    Settle in and enjoy!

  10. Just a short while ago you were writing about how overwhelming your upcoming schedule would be with packing and the move and all, and see? You made it thru! WOOHOO!!!! I’m so happy for you my friend…..Keep us updated!

  11. Looking forward to your future posts about being “home!”

  12. Congratulations on getting moved to the mountains. Cant wait to hear about your new adventures! blessings,Kathleen

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