Merry Christmas, June

Sort of a fun way to welcome in the Summer month of June. We were sitting at the stoplight in town, at the end of Church Street, facing the park.

Suddenly, people at the far end the park start to scream and run for cover. “Must be a cold rainstorm coming in from across the street,” I said. Indeed it was. We clicked on the wipers and proceeded to the Stewart’s parking lot on the other side of the intersection. A small child on a bike was wobbling past – steering with one hand, giant ball in the other, her scrunchy face pelted with freezing rain. “That’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Feeling pro-active, we pulled underneath the gas pump awning, and got out to fill the gas can to get a jump on our generator’s appetite. The brief rain had stopped. I remember thinking – the thoughts you have just before a horrible shock are always so vivid – I remember thinking, “Hmm. It’s really not that cold. I don’t know why they were running.” Then it happened.

The rest of the Adirondacks is talking about the crazy snow storm. Snow? Please. This is Sarananc Lake, frequently the coldest place in the continental United States. We’re talking killer hail. Yes, suddenly, someone up there flippped the hail switch. I’m talking driving, stinging, horizontal hail. “Ow! Oooooow!” the girl at the next pump starts shouting. Of course, we’re all wearing shorts and Crocs. We finish up, the pumpers commiserate, and we proceed to drive home through the valley.

Hail turns to sleet, sleet turns to wet snow, wet snow turns to gorgeous fluff. Huge, fluffy flakes – just like you’d want on a perfect Winter day. We near the corners, and the sweeping view across the valley opens up. Unimpeded for miles, the snow was now nearly horizontal, sweeping down the hills, across the road, across the fields, down the valley, and over to Whiteface Mountain.

100_0657I snapped a few pics as we pulled into our place. Didn’t get any of the hail, but I was able to grab a few snaps of the fluffy snow coming down. I went over to hang out with the neighbors for a while. The snow stopped. We all bragged and marveled. “Snow on May 31! That’s the way to welcome Summer!” And then the real snow started. It only kept up for 3o minutes or so, but it was the most Christmassy thing you’ve ever seen. Absolutely perfect snow. When I walked back home, I noticed that the hail and some of the snow had stuck – nestled down in the pine straw in between our evergreens. Looked like a photo from a Christmas Card.

Merry Christmas, June!



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16 responses to “Merry Christmas, June

  1. What strange weather–and how pretty the snow is against the green grass! Amazing. I hope June is kinder to you than the end of May was.

  2. Snow at the end of May, snow at the beginning of September and negative 30-40 in January. Mix all three together and stir briskly and that’s one of the reasons we moved to southern PA. I have mentioned the four seasons down here, right?

  3. You just keep all that durn white stuff on your side of the mountain, ya hear? We got very high wind, some rain, that’s all. Whew! But the wind was wicked for about an hour. Grandson had just finished mowing the lawn!

  4. Oh i love this post. The weather is one of the things i love about living in Upstate NY, and your weather in the mountains is even more “interesting”!!! Amazing stuff, isn’t it?

  5. How fun! Your new home is apparently going to keep you on your toes in many ways!

    I’m really enjoying reading about the transition, even though I haven’t stopped long enough to tell you so lately. This was too good to let pass without comment.

  6. Awesome. We got little bitty hail for about 30 seconds, but you’re higher up. Beautiful today, though, eh? I love how you all bragged on the snow and hail. Ha!!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list!

  7. Eh. I’m down in the city today doing the final pack-and-load through Saturday. Then we’re Adirondack for real. Temp is not bad here though. Just made a Salvation Army run with the windows open!

  8. themac

    I recall being out camping on the St. Regis canoe area one summer for my birthday (July 9th – mark your calendar!) and we had this beautiful view of Whiteface Mt. In the morning, my actual bday, the darn mt was snowcapped!!

    It’s true – it can snow at any time up here!! Glad you enjoyed it and didn’t haul butt back downstate!!

  9. (tee hee) I wouldn’t trust the Mac’s recollection of that birthday snow. I think it was hangover haze in her eyes…

  10. Ha! Do I have to watch Mac closely after I’ve convinced her to come to the Adk Blogger MeetUp? LOL

  11. Love the picture – we heard about this on our local news! (The weathermen mention Saranac Lake daily…I kid you not.)

    Don’t let Gettysburg Mom fool you. We DO have four seasons, but unfortunately, they are: winter, still winter, almost winter, and construction.

  12. Irish45

    MERRY XMAS and don’t worry, the weather will change in 10 min. Irish 45

  13. good grief! Snow that late? What a place. You gotta love it.

  14. themac

    LOL – actually by this part of the trip, the alcohol was gone. On our second night of this 10 day trip, I was injured (via catapulted by soon-to-be-hub) and took the “emergency blue pill”. On our way out, I kept downing the medicine (aka boubon) to keep the pain at bay. My bday was Day 4. Alcohol was gone by then. Sadly.

  15. themac

    BTW – The “Twit/blog” thing …I know the host. And will need a reminder to attend since July seems SO far away!!

  16. Oh … I’ll be talking about it ad nauseum! LOL

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