The Aesthete

I am funny about how stuff looks.

100_0620I have repainted most of the city apartment (to be taken over by our best friends), even though I really didn’t need to. When asked why, my simple answer is most often, “Because it will look better.” I just finished repainting most of the trim, window sills, and doors; and I’ve spent most of the week saying things like, “Don’t touch that wall. I just repainted it,” or “Get your hands off the moulding.”

100_0568Conversely, I’m starting to get funny about things at the Adirondack place. I think I’m getting better about the whole thing though – I’m picking my battles, and I won’t try to do everything at once. With that in mind, I am still going to plant grass before we tear the house down. I don’t care if I have to replant parts of it. I don’t care if it costs a fortune and I have to replant it five times. I can’t live on dirt and mud for a year or more. And I am going to plant some mature(ish) trees right away. Not too too close to the tear-down house, but yeah, closer than most people probably would. It may be a construction site, but I still have to like being there.

100_0624This will be the last week in the city house. The empty house is not quite as odd as I had expected. Likely because our moving-in friends are keeping some of our larger pieces of furniture. Due to that, it’s not empty empty. The new-paint smell is a little weird – your senses tell you that you’re moving in to a new place, as opposed to moving out.

This weekend will be out last trip to the Adirondacks as non-residents. Next time we drive up, we’re staying. Yep – I get that wiggly nervous/queasy feeling as I type that. But perhaps my head is in the right place – I’m not nervous about getting into the RV and staying for good. I’m nervous about getting everything out of here so our NYC departure is smooth and easy.


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6 responses to “The Aesthete

  1. I always associate the new paint smell with selling a house. I suppose Rich paints some along the way while we’re living there, but the house we sell is always much nicer than the house we lived in. Good for you for doing the grass and trees. So often once things get pushed back “until later” it just never seems to happen.

  2. I always tend to live a long time in a house so new paint is something that happens every few years for me. It’s a good smell,… sort of a renewal! And in your case,.. renewal means moving north.

  3. @KateOH

    Don’t forget to plant some woodruff, lamiums (dead nettle) and mint — especially in places where you don’t mind if they spread like crazy, which they will. All make good groundcovers.

  4. I’m with you–it has to look good. My ex wanted to leave the yard alone until we were “finished” with the house. 35 years later the house is still not really “finished.” I’m glad I didn’t listen to him. Some things might not survive the demolition project, but you can replant. Time is on your side now.

  5. Marie

    After being permanent now in the daks for almost 2 months, I still find myself connected to Ch. 7 Eyewitness News and 1010 Wins. Takes some getting use to but when I look out my window at our property and travel these uncongested beautifuls roads there there just isn’t any looking back!

  6. LOL Marie – 1010 Wins and that silly xylophone and teletype sound they still use. Made me smile.

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