Rufus Xavier Sasparilla

“Now, I have a friend named Rufus Xavier Sasparilla …”

100_0633My friend Corin points out that we need to get back to the dog. All this talk of moving, and hardly a mention. Lucky he can’t read. (I assume.) His name is Rufus, and he was named after the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon. (Video is at the bottom of the page – I am a total product of the 1970s.) This is likely the last photo of Rufus as a City Dog. He seems to be taking to the Adirondacks. He doesn’t like the car ride much, be he sure likes running around the yard. We got some stakes and poultry wire to put up a temp fence for him. We’re not calling it “poultry wire” though. I told him it’s “big dog wire.”

Looks like all the big stuff is out of the city house and we’re down to bare essentials. Just need to straighten up a few things (okay … I have two big bookshelves and a file cabinet to take out of the office) and do the big clean.

Speaking of, let me tell you about my cleaning  finds. First off Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers. (I’m always a little behind the curve.) I have this wall that I couldn’t get the paint colors for. Serious black furniture scrape marks on the walls. Amazing. This stuff takes anything off anything. And fast! What’s in this crap? Plutonium?! My other new favorite is my Shark Rechargeable Cordless Sweeper. Picks up anything (even nails and tacks), and it kicks my Red Devil dustbuster thing’s ass.

We’re in the mountains this weekend – You can keep an eye on my Twitter feed if you’re curious what we’re up to. It’s over there at the top right. You have a great weekend too!



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14 responses to “Rufus Xavier Sasparilla

  1. thanks for satisfying my curiousity about Rufus’ transition. hopefully some hiking is in store for him too! haven’t done baker mtn but have passed the trailhead a couple times. I think that is the one with a tavern real close to it possibly by the same name? heard it is a good place to end the hike. have a great weekend!

  2. Trailhead is at Moody Pond out by the RL Stevenson house in Saranac Lake from what I understand. All the print says it’s super easy … and then a friend told me, “Yeah, it’s short. Because it’ straight uphill!” I guess we’ll find out.

  3. love, love, love the name…
    also love schoolhouse rock.
    and i agree with corin, hiking makes a happy (and true adirondack) dog.
    just heed my advice and don’t take him anywhere near AMR property 😉

  4. Baker’s not bad. I even did it with Shea as a baby in a backpack. And I’m lazy and out of shape. Although, if you’ve been “out of shape” for twenty years, isn’t that your default shape. Anywho, it’s not a bad hike. If you’re looking for something easy and rewarding, you might try Owl’s Head on the other side of Placid- towards Keene.

    I think Rufus will enjoy being a country dog and casting off the leash of civilization.

  5. Rufus is going to love his new home! All that clean air – more room to run and all those NEW SMELLS! LOL!

  6. Greetings to Rufus,.. from Midnight the cat,.. she says that anyone that wants to move to the Adirondacks has got to be A-OK!

  7. Marie (adktricollie)

    My Murphy says hi to Rufus. Nothing like earth under their paws rather than concrete. I remember last spring when Murphy woke us up around 5 a.m. and lore & behold there was Mr. Blackbear standing on his hind legs trying to knock down the bird feeders. Still have the claw marks on my screen. Love love my outside neighbors and I am sure Rufus will too!

  8. lilly

    we’re going from Auburn, N.Y. back to Seneca Falls into a walk in apartment which is good for me as stairs and I don’t do well. Wish itwas back in the country where I could still have a garden and listen to the frogs croak at night.Or better yet back to he mountains where I could see the bears and the procopines chew the wood of our outside John.Almost like peek holes, Lilly

  9. Oh I just love Rufus! So pretty! I have heard about the erasers and wondered if they were good. Thanks for sharing. blessings,Kathleen

  10. We used to raise Shelties, so a lovely picture of Rufus touches my heartstrings.

    I also had a dog, years and years ago called Sarsaparilla – and we called her “Sassy.” Not a Sheltie but a wonderful German Shepherd / Border Collie cross.

  11. I’m quite sure Rufus can read, at least I’ve always assumed he did. Either way I know for sure that he’ll love the new life and adventure : )

  12. lilly

    What are these Magic Erasers you are talking about as I seriously need some. Have some marks on the walls from my walker and I cannot get them off. Have tried Everything I can think of and they stay in the same spot and never move. Under my kitchen sink looks like I am going into business for differnet kinds of cleaners. I need a friend. PLEASE Help!! Lilly

  13. I’m so glad Rufus is happy about the move. I have friends who are leaving the state with a very shy nervous rescue from the local animal shelter and they are worried about him and how he will do. In no time flat Rufus will be stirring up the critters in the woods!

  14. Rufus is adorable! I’m not surprised he likes running around the yard, as Snoopy does the same thing on our homestead. He loves the freedom he has there, compared to our tiny in-town yard. (We don’t let him off-leash, but still…)

    Magic Erasers are amazing! I’ve been using them for a few years and am constantly finding new uses for them. One of my favorite Magic Eraser tips (from a former co-worker): if you buy a pair of shoes and then decide to return them, use a Magic Eraser to get rid of any dirt on the soles.

    I also use them to clean the leather uppers of my white New Balance shoes (remember the ones that took me so long to find) – makes them look almost new again.

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