Bonus Post- Landlord Rant

You know how we humans have a tendency to ruin something just as it’s coming to an end? That defense mechanism that prompts us to wreck a relationship with another human just because we probably won’t see them much again? I seriously hope I am not doing that. I’m trying not to. Right?

Today, I am spending my time avoiding the male half of our landlords (and taking out the last few heavy items).

Whatever he doesn’t like about this whole thing, it shows. Our landlords are friends – for years – yet he has been nothing but gruff and unpleasant the past few weeks.

He asked for rent the month of June, which is fine. We are going to be here through the 6th. Our best friends The New Tenants ended up splitting the month with us, even though we’re out the 6th and they can’t move till the 28th. When they were setting up the deal, Male Landlord was adamant about “not losing a month,” even though he needs to get contractors in here to fix things. Big things. He keeps asking me how early we’re going to be out. Repeatedly. Even though the rent is being paid through the month of June.

I am repainting the whole house because I know no one else will. That’s fine. I chose to do it. However, he knows I am painting. He has seen me painting. I would have expected at least a “Thanks.” I went down to borrow a roller. Not a word. Just acted like it was my responsibility to do it. I just went down to offer them a newish, rather expensive computer desk that I had already taken downstairs. I get up to “I’m putting this desk out. Would you like …” and I am cut off. “No. Take it out.” Last time I ask about something nice I’m giving away, I guess.

Thing is, I’m leaving the apartment far, far better than just “broom clean,”and I am trying to be overboard considerate. It’s at this point that we come to my peeve – We humans forgetting to merely consider and think about each other. Shouldn’t we try to do the best job we can? Especially in our interactions with each other? All the same, It’ll be over soon.

Whatever. A little extra work is easy to swallow. My pride is not.



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7 responses to “Bonus Post- Landlord Rant

  1. Hey, you’re breaking up with them. And the whole life and scene they are in. I imagine it must be a little disorienting.

    Business is business, but if you’ve had years of personal interaction, it’s probably hard to separate one from the other.

    You’re almost there/here!

  2. I’m sorry to tell you that the poor landlord breakup is not limited to the city. When Rich and I were moving out of an apartment into our first house, the landlord suddenly went psychotic. My all time favorite was when he wanted to discuss something so I went over to the apartment after work one day. I had heard he was a misogynist, but hadn’t really encountered too much. In the midst of the conversation he said, “I would really feel more comfortable talking to Rich. I feel more comfortable talking to men about business.” I looked at him and responded, “Well, that’s too bad. Rich is at home with a baby so you’re stuck talking to me.” It was only one element of a bad, bad landlord breakup.

    Hang in there. It’ll be over soon.

  3. Marie

    It’s so funny, a part of what you have been going through with your move is what we went through. Two months later the landlord wants to keep our security plus wants an addt’l 300 bucks because we vacated early. He was constantly harassing us once we gave him notice. You know what we say to his $300 bucks $#$%%! See you in court if that’s what it takes. We lived in the apartment as good tenants for fifteen years, replaced the carpet, painted yada yada! Push comes to shove, the majority of them are all the same.

  4. lilly

    I know where you’re coming from as we are moving from Auburn to Seneca Falls in July. Now we only wanted to pay half a months rent in July (Just so we have time to ge everything out ofthis apartment and get it cleaned and the landlord won’t answer us so I guess it is a full months rent). I guess our deposit is supposed to be paid but who knows what will happen. I can’t wait to get to the smaller town. I’m more used to the country. Garden, Mowing the lawn and ets, Of course I can’t do it anymore . Old age is a factor there along with being disabled. Good luck. I’m sure you have many friends who will miss you. Lilly

  5. It just so happens – the last place we rented (across the street) for 9 years – former landlords attempted to absorb our deposit.

    They took over the place from their son-in-law, who never transferred the money to them. Clearly they also needed funding for the long-overdue renovations.

    Anyway, it was terribly embarrassing for them in small-claims court.

  6. You are taking the high road,… hang in there, and leave with your head held high and a smile and friendly goodbye. It will irk him even more that you didn’t get grumpy like he did. Good luck!

  7. Interesting comments about the whole ‘landlord breakup’ I’ve never had to go through with that-but I imagine it would leave a bad taste in your mouth-after you’re trying so hard to be nice-and leave the apartment nice too.

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