A Dubious Celebration

We’re getting down to the wire, and it’s getting a little sticky around here.

We’re about to the point where a few of the tasks we hadn’t been able to fit in need done now, on top of everything else. But, aside from a long list of way too much hard work to get done, things are good. Money and job situation is good. The RV is delivered. We bought some temp fencing for the dog. The RV furnace, water, and fridge work nicely . So, let’s just call today a dubious celebration – I have way too much to get done, but it’s all working out.

Here’s a few moving-in snaps from the weekend –







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13 responses to “A Dubious Celebration

  1. You need groceries! hee hee…… That’s an outstanding kitchen. Rear kitchens are always more roomier,.. and as you won’t be on the road you won’t have to worry about the “bounce” doing interior “re-decoraction.” Looking good!

  2. Firstly, somehow it looks so “homey” already! So happy to hear you’ve got a handle on everything.

    Secondly, Old Milwaukee?? Please tell me that came with the RV and you’re going to pitch it and get some good Saranac beer!!! 😀

  3. so now I know what kind of beer to have when you come back for a visit. LOL Looking good around the homestead.

  4. LOL – We’re really not too picky usually, although we do like decent beer. But let’s just say that we picked up the Old M cheap – and it just sat there. Not very tasty!

  5. Hey! Everything looks great! The dog looks happy too! What more could you ask for?? 🙂

  6. Is there any other way to get Old Milwaukee than “cheap”? I remember, barely, in college those were popular in keg form.

    I usually go for the Pabst Blue Ribbon when cans are necessary.

  7. Marie

    Everything looks good but your poor frig is saying “Feed Me Seymour!” (“Little Shop of Horrors”)

  8. Corin

    scary fridge 🙂
    very cute dog!! I know you have talked about the little guy before but with all this moving stuff he has been blog neglected. Can you re-intro him and let us know what he is thinking of his new home. City Dog, Country Dog…he must be loving it.

  9. adkmac

    This is an ADK fridge – except, no ketchup??

    I love Rufus!

  10. Kat

    Hey, I’m impressed with the shorts in black fly season! Or is it a bit too early up there yet?

  11. Oh, it’s Black Fly season alright. It’s just that I want not to be hot more than I want to not get bit. That, and I’m actually wearing two things on the bottom – shorts and deet!

  12. 🙂 🙂 I was thinking the same thing that Peggy said

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