Lovin’ Lizzie

We’re at the RV Dealer today doing the final walk-through of the RV. She will be delivered tomorrow. I’m having a little problem figuring out how to pull her onto the land and get the door facing the way I want without being in the way of the house I have to tear down; but it’s one of those things better figured out on the spot. I’ll send your best wishes to Lizzie. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. Tin Lizzie loves you, and only wants your love in return.


And in other awesome news, Significant Other got the terrific job that had been two interviews running! And it’s where? Oh, five miles down the road from our place. Pretty cool. I’m normally not someone who indulges in these cutsey-poo blog things, but hell, a celebration’s a celebration!



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7 responses to “Lovin’ Lizzie

  1. I love the cheesy bunny counter! Congrats to significant other on getting the job!

  2. corin

    SWEET! the job and the RV. you guys sure are NOT going to be used to a 5 minute commute to work!! breathe easier now. I love the countdown ticker you are using šŸ™‚

  3. I love Tin Lizzie! And I am soooooooo happy about the job thing!!!!!!!!

  4. themac

    I love the bunny!! 2 weeks left! I hope Lizzie finds her perfect home.

  5. Congrats on the job! That’ll make things go a lot smoother! I’m looking forward to pix and tales of Lizzie settling into the Ol’ Homeplace.

  6. Re: Tin Lizzie,… I’ve never met an rv I didn’t like.. so of course she’s beautiful! And Congrats to Jonathan on the job! Wasn’t it Mr.T that said “I love it when a plan comes together!?!”

  7. Tin Lizzie looks great! Congrats on significant other getting a job! Sounds like everything is falling into place!!

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