Live a Little

My even temper and positive attitude is amazing even me nowadays. I’m totally serene. Last night I was taking a heavy trash bag full of potting soil out to the curb. It broke open and poured down the stairs. I mean, a ton of potting soil. Several gallons. Didn’t bother me a bit. I just swept it up without a care in the world. What’s with that?!

Speaking of trash … On our way to the dump in Lake Clear last Monday, we had a conversation about how now feel like we belong more here than there. That is, our thoughts about the Adirondacks are a bit ahead of our move schedule. With applying for jobs, going to the dump, getting a PO Box, and generally acting more like actual residents, the Adirondacks are already feeling more like home than NYC.

100_0095And if we think that little fact is a big deal, wait ’til this weekend! The land is being graded this very minute. On Saturday, the RV will arrive, our tangled pile of stuff can be moved out of the crowded sheddycabin, and we’ll finally have a real bathroom. Our pots and pans can be put away. The cabin can be put into use as an extra room/library. You might think that moving into an RV and shed from a large NYC apartment is a bit of a bring down. Not so.

100_0085Yes, there’s less space. But it’s manageable. We’re moving from about 950 square feet into about 550 square feet. The RV is about 400sf, and the cabin is about 150. And really, particular features of the RV are much nicer and cleaner than any apartment we’ve lived in.

100_0081I’ll be thrilled to have a clean, “new” kitchen. Many/most NYC apartments are pre-war. Most NYC apartments have also never had a proper renovation. Plaster crumbles. Doors don’t fit. Kitchens are far from updated. Bathrooms are squeezed into weird spaces. Vent hatches and transoms let dust and dirt in. These are the sorts of places that you can never really get quite clean. Does that make sense?

This is by far the nicest kitchen we’ve ever had, and this is by far the cleanest place we’ve ever had. The fact that we are going to have a spotless kitchen with a little counter space, decent storage, and a microwave is a bit thrilling.

insidecabinIn the little shed building, we’re going to line the cabin walls with shelves for our (piles and piles) of books. I’m going to put my piano in there. The air bed can go in there when need be for guests (though they’ll have to come into the RV to use the facilities)!

I’m going to plant some new trees and get some grass going before we start tearing the house down. I know it’s kind of ahead of the curve, but I want the reward of making the place look a little better before I start the next big ugly project. Gotta live a little. Ya know?

I’ll be remote blogging this weekend – stay tuned!



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5 responses to “Live a Little

  1. I’m so glad you are thrilling about your new home/toy. I once owned a VW Transporter, which would be a minuscule version of what you have.

    But, all the “clean” talk is kinda freaking me out.

    I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t the kind to install white carpet. Once knew this family where the wife was bonkers about vacuuming and “the perfect livingroom”. She had WHITE carpet, plastic runner where feet touched, and plastic covers on the furniture (when not being used, like anyone would dare). The husband was force to use the garage entrance and was quarantined from vast parts of the home. My kids would peek through the front door and we’d fantasize about running through with our shoes on.

  2. Nah – We’re hardly neatniks. In fact, I’ll have to take out the light colored carpet at some point. I have no doubt we’ll destroy it with dirt and mud within in a month. Mostly, it’ll be nice to be in a space that isn’t falling apart!

  3. themac

    Ohhh, everything is sounding fantastic! And, I’m delighted to know that you aren’t overly neat because there sure is a lot of mud up here! I believe in a desert, my son would be able to find mud.

    You should catalog all the “trash talk” you two have (meaning, those conversations you have on your way to the LC dump). New Blog Idea!!

  4. Your sense of excitement is palpable! It’s exciting to make this move “with” you — thanks for bringing us all along!

  5. If your rv carpet is clean at move-in time. I’d spray it with scotchguard or some such thing. a couple of light coats will help repel the always present “track in” stuff. Will help it vacuum up easier. Can’t wait to see you “at home!”

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