Grandpappy the Trash Heap

Remember Marjorie the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock? MuppetWiki tells us that “the Trash Heap knows all and sees all.”

A sort of garbage oracle. Our trash heap had been in residence for decades, although moved and consolidated a few times. I figure we had Marjorie’s cousin in our backyard. I called him Grandpappy, because he saw so much over so many years, and he frequently coughed up strange objects – an old rusty toy jeep, a sign from a contractor, a magic wand, packing crates from a long-gone 1800s neighbor signed in that old-fashioned handwriting. I saved a few things, but for the most part … Marjorie’s relation is now in the landfill.

Here’s a time lapse –








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8 responses to “Grandpappy the Trash Heap

  1. My goodness! What a chore this must have been to clean up. The old house is interesting looking! blessings,Kathleen

  2. Whew,…. no wonder you wanted a hotel room and a hot shower! Looks like a very yukky job. But a job well done and over with forever!

  3. yuck. that was quite a job–and in the rain? I don’t envy you! but now it’s done and you can move on.

  4. But how will you reach that mysterious second floor door now?

  5. That is a lot of work! Whew! I’m tired just looking at it!

  6. themac

    WOW – now it’s one thing off the check list!!

  7. GMom – LOL We call that thing “the door to nowhere.” Must have been a two-story porch there a hundred years ago … literally.

  8. themac

    Totally errored and failed to comment about the Fraggle Rock comparison – LOOOVE Fraggle Rock!!

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