One of Those Days

Looks like everything is in order.

Hey, here’s a quirk for you – I hate carrying things. I know it’s a weird one. But I really do. I hate carrying things. Luckily, I am also a steamroller when a job needs done. And I got today’s jobs got done nicely … even though they all involved carrying things.

100_0504Our landlords told me last night that a contractor was coming to look at the second floor deck. The wood parts are rotted out and it needs a wholesale renovation. Why this had to happen now, instead of when we’re gone in two weeks, I have no idea. But the guy is coming to check it out. So, of course, I want to clean it up and get some junk out of there. I’m the kind of person that cleans before the cleaning lady comes. I started at nine this morning, and a few hours later, had cleaned it up decently. I didn’t start any plants this year, so it wasn’t too bad. Took five garbage bags of stuff to the top of the stairs. (We’re on the second floor.)

Next, I wanted to finish loading the van. I had left some of the heaviest stuff for today, but there wasn’t much left. Maybe ten trips up and down the stairs. I took the five bags of deck garbage downstairs, and started in on the boxes and bags for the van. Pretty pleased with myself too. That van is packed like a jigsaw puzzle, every space filled.

I flop on the couch. And then I remember that I forgot to leave a space for our suitcase. Oops. And the landlord just told me the deck guy called and he’s not coming. And I have to put in an obligatory appearance at a play tonight.

I know I have hard labor waiting for me, and a dumpster to fill on the other end; but I can’t wait to get out of here for the weekend!



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6 responses to “One of Those Days

  1. i can almost hear the clock ticking off the minutes and hours before you are totally moved out!

  2. That’s another thing we have in common! I keep feeling like i could use some help around here (I do all of my husband’s personal care every day and by the time we are done and ready for the day, it’s almost noon!) I would LOVE to find somebody to come help me clean so i could go up in the studio and work, but i would feel the need to clean for the cleaning person! I gotta loosen up….

  3. themac

    Is this it? This week and then ur ADK forever??

  4. I hate carrying and lifting things too! Hope the rest of the week goes great for you!

  5. Of course they couldn’t come–you were ready for them. Now if you’d left all the junk and hadn’t done a thing about it, they would have showed up. but at least you are ahead of the game now.

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