Back to the Future

Back to the Adirondacks with a big van-full for the storage unit.

Amusing story via our neighbor here in the city – When it’s a particularly nice day here on our block in Brooklyn, that means coffee on the stoop(s) at 8:30 with the neighbors. I happened to be coming back from the store with a cup of coffee in my hand yesterday, and caught The Ladies out front. We had a real nice chat!

100_0501Meanwhile, the van was parked three houses down. As we were standing there sipping, a parking spot one space back opened up. I spat out something indecipherable and bolted up the stairs to get the keys. My coffee friends stood in the space and held it. Later in the day, the next spot back opened up. Once again, I bolted out front with the keys and moved the van back one more spot. My neighbor coffee-friend saw me, and shouted out the window, “You’ve moved that car three times! You may be moving to the country, but you sure act like a Brooklynite!”

We’re all about parking spots here. A spot directly in front of your house? Well, that’s the Holy Grail. At this point, we’re just one car-length from the front door. There’s a green Suburban directly out front, but I remain optimistic! All the same, with the car so close, I’ve taken to carrying a few things with me every time I go downstairs. It will lessen the load when we have to fill the van up for the weekend.



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5 responses to “Back to the Future

  1. very funny story. i am going to be near coney island this weekend for baseball and just heard that there is no parking at the field. i hope i dont end up blocks and blocks away.

  2. Here’s to the space clearing as you move toward the dense pines πŸ™‚

  3. themac

    I completely understand parking in NY as I was like you! When I moved back up north, I packed up the Uhaul the night before THEN thought where I was going to park it. Details, details…

    The weather is supposed to be great this weekend. But, Sunday a high in the mid-40’s. Brrrr!!

  4. My grandparents and some other family lived/live in Queens and when we’d go to visit we’d have to employ our rarely used parallel parking skills. I remember once there were no spots except one tiny one we were sure the car wouldn’t fit in, but my uncle came out and said, “Oh I can get ya in there!” and he no kidding wedged the car in, gently bumping the car in front AND the car in back till he got our car between them. (This was in the days before car alarms! πŸ™‚ You’ll have to drive down to Lake George now and then in the summer just to brush up on your parallel parking skills, ha! πŸ˜€

  5. Ha! this is too funny! I can just imagine the sprint!

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