The Middle Part

This gradual-move thing is proving quite odd.

Not in a bad way. Not even in a unsettling way. But unusual. Ethereal, maybe. Moving little bits over a long period of time has a ghostly feel to it. Like the dissolve in the final scene of a film, the furniture-filled rooms in our living, breathing house are gradually fading to empty.

100_0500It’s bizarre to sleep in your own bed while knowing you only have three plates, two forks, and a saucepan in the kitchen. The blender and mixer are in a box six hours north. The iron pot-hanger is gone, and the few pans left sitting on the counter are like a pair of unexpected relations – came for a visit, but no place to sleep.

I realized I left my house keys in the cabin in the Adirondacks. I had quite a shock when I automatically responded, “Eh. That’s fine. I’ll get them Friday.” We’ve now faded into the middle part of the story. The part in which we are there as much as we are here.

On our way back, we ended up taking the FDR Expressway down the East Side of Manhattan. If you’re not familiar, think of it as a sixty-mile-an-hour roller-derby. The goal is to enter at the North end, get cut off as few times as possible, and come out at the south end alive. My attitude has changed. This time, I was able to muse, “See you in Hell, FDR. You’re not my problem anymore. I’m just a visitor.”

I think this weekend will be a big one – The first load from “the big pile” (pictured) is going to the storage unit in Plattsburgh. It will bring us to the point in which the rooms here start to look empty – halfway through that movie dissolve we were talking about. Odd, but gratifying. I’m a progress-driven sort of guy.

In odds-and-ends news, we wrote a check for a few thousand bucks to our grading contractor so he can correct the drainage and grade the whole non-wetland part of the property – so it doesn’t go downhill to the back. And so I don’t have to stall out the mower when I fall in a hole. When I start to panic at the amount, I tell myself, “Then it’s done. It’s done for life.” Dumpster is coming this weekend so we can get rid of the junk pile. And we’re in the storage unit starting Saturday.

Thanks as always for your comments and kind wishes. And thanks to Catherine for the nice email!



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8 responses to “The Middle Part

  1. I bet you’ll have a feeling of both exhilaration and peace once you are fully moved!

  2. I expect you to be fully settled in by the time we make our annual August trek to the Adirondacks. I also expect I’ll be thankful that you graded the property when I don’t lose Greeley in a pothole.

  3. Well, there’s always the swamp. LOL We’ll keep her away from that!

  4. Ha, you left your keys “at home”.

  5. What a wonderfully written post. I feel like I’m experiencing the whole thing with you!

    I always feel that moving is somewhat soul-cleansing, you know? Sometimes I want to box everything up, weed out the junk that has somehow accumulated over the years, and start fresh… even if we don’t really move to a new place. lol.

    Thanks for sharing the move with your readers!

  6. So we need to plan a housewarming! Maybe when Gettysburg Mom is in the daks? We’ll bring some food and bubbles!

  7. themac

    Donnelly’s, Donnelly’s, Donnelly’s!! WOOO HOOO!

    Party at your place in August? Is that what I just got from this?? šŸ™‚

    I’ll be having a party in August too – invite is coming your way!! (wee one turns 2.)

  8. Love the comparison of the remaining pans being like unexpected guests. Gave me quite a visual image. Great post.

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