An Adirondack Murder Mystery

Great weekend in the Adirondacks, even though it was just a quick two-dayer.

All things considered, it was really as decent as it could have been. With the all-day rehearsals and scenery building this week, playing a church service Sunday morning, and then racing up to the Adirondacks, I arrived exhausted and stayed exhausted. However, there wasn’t anything too strenuous on the agenda, so it was fine. And it was nice to be there. We got in last night about eight, and left today at two.

Mostly puttering. Got a load of stuff-in-boxes taken up. Mowed the grass. I had a contractor over – We’re going to go ahead and grade the land level on either side and back of the house, back to the drop-off to the wetland. I am sick of stalling the mower out on huge lawn-potholes, I’m tired of looking at it, and it will give us more choice about where to put the RV. So, it was a marathon, but I had a pleasant time.

Except for what we have taken to calling, “The Horror Show.” Last night about midnight, I heard this horrifying screaming. I mean, blood curdling. Could have been out back behind the swamp in the thicket of evergreens and expired tamaracks. Wherever it was, it was close. Total horror movie scene. (Remember, we’re sleeping on an air bed on the floor of the cabin.) After a minute or two, I realized whatever was being killed was, luckily, at least not human. Whatever it was, the coyotes were totally killing it in 3D, up close, and in person for me. Wasn’t a bird or a rabbit. The noise was too “medium sized mammal.” Loud. And it wasn’t carried off screaming. This thing was being offed on the spot. Didn’t sound like a cat or dog either. Anyhow. The screaming stopped abruptly, and I knew that whatever was being dispatched, that was that. Took maybe four or five minutes.

I’m finding I still have some trouble sleeping in the cabinshedthing. Honestly (and I know this is fussy), I’m not good with change or new situations, and I suspect that’s the problem. Weird, because I am extremely chill. I suppose we all have our nervous quirks. The laundry sink baths are also starting to wear thin, but that will be remedied on the 23rd when the RV arrives. Not much else to tell, but here’s a few snaps from around the joint –


“On second thought, maybe I’ll cut this larch down. It’s ugly and in my way.”


Wind burnt cedar. Forgot to wrap it. Oops.


I think the unfortunate incident took place in that thicket at the back left.


Three out of five of my little willow rootlings are leafing out already!



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5 responses to “An Adirondack Murder Mystery

  1. hmmmm…. screaming, eh? there are reports of mountain lions in the daks,… A friend of mine saw one crossing rt. 30 a few years ago. I heard one here many years ago. Definitely a scream. Chilling scream. It left ice on my spine it was so chilling.

  2. Can’t say that I’ve ever heard an actual wildlife murder. I’ve been thinking about some kind of audio recording rig for certain situations, but have never gotten around to it.

    That little Cedar sure looks sad.

    I also like how you worked the bit about the “sink baths” into the post.

  3. Great to hear the job interview went well!

    We’ve discussed Mountain Lions before, so there you are. And look on the bright side, whatever died the painful death probably filled up the stomach of whatever dispatched it, leaving you safe and sound in your cabin! See- it’s all about the silver linings…

  4. themac

    Sunday afternoon, amid snow fall, both the hub and I saw small dog-like creatures in our woods. The size of huskies – I’m not sure what they were since it was a quick glipse. I hope to see them again. I have not witnessed any wildlife murders yet besides my hub killing the giant snapping turtles that wonder on our property every spring to lay their eggs.

    Wishing you luck in your adventures at AMC!

  5. I wonder if what you heard was a bobcat? Their screams sound like a woman or child being horribly tortured and murdered. I remember vividly the first time I heard one. We were sleeping in our house for the first time and it was nowhere near finished. This screaming started about midnight and I was frozen with fear–had something dragged off one of our boys? It took all my courage to get up and look, I was so filled with dread. The screaming continued as I counted heads. All there. By then my husband woke up and we cowered in the dark, listening. Next day we asked our neighbors about it. Bobcat, they said. You’ll hear it from time to time where you are. Scary, isn’t it?

    It was tee-totally terrifying. It sounds a look like what you’ve described. I’ve tried to find a good recording of the sound online but haven’t found one yet to share with you.

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