Here to There

Heading out for the Adirondack sheddycabin tomorrow!

000_1220Tomorrow is my last day as a church organist, and today is my last day as an adjunct teacher at my Catholic high school. Heading over to the students’ juried art show (mostly to be supportive), then a performance of Little Shop of Horrors, church service in the morning, and then we’re hopping in the car to deliver a load to the cabin and go to a job interview Monday morning.

Photo_061908_004I’m celebrating with a new blog header – figured it was about time I put up an image from our actual property. As for the photos today – Thought it would be fun to ruminate on our current downtown and our new downtown. You folks have a great few days – I’m Adirondack bound!



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8 responses to “Here to There

  1. I love the constrast between your current and upcoming downtown areas. I wonder if you will experience any culture shock? I’m sure I would if I were to make that transition in reverse (from country to city.)

    I hope the production goes well tonight, and the job interview on Monday as well! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Corin

    all of those “lasts” are bittersweet I bet…good luck with it all. relaxation is on it’s way. you’ll always be able to go back for your city fix 🙂 I love visiting the city….but only for the weekend!

  3. Enjoy your “lasts”…. and look forward to your “firsts” yet to happen.

  4. I can’t imagine how excited you must be. This is going to be great! Love the banner, BTW. So lush!

  5. reneé

    very, very excited for you!
    wave as you pass exit 19!!!

  6. Your excitement comes through in your posts. Can’t wait to read about your first days as actual residents of your new home.

  7. themac

    Already? Goodness – there’s no lapse in time from your initial planning to actual final schedule?? You are good at this planning stuff! I am pondering where you could be interviewing this morning…hummmm

  8. Very cute ‘new’ downtown–it’s gonna be hard to take eh!

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