Half Cracked

As the city house approaches “half packed,” and I approach “half cracked,” I’m thinking less about the city house, and more about the RV and cabin at the Adirondack Place.

100_0478Daydreaming really. There’s a little less, “I have to remember to patch that hole,” and a little more, “These two Adirondacky prints will look good in the RV,” or “The rug beaters will look nice on the cabin walls.” I worry less about repainting apartment walls, and worry more about making the RV look a little more regional. I’m a very firm believer in the theory that surroundings directly affect your well being. So, in the “RV and Cabin” pile, I’ve been sure to include a few Adirondacky things that will instantly spruce the place up.

100_0479I bought most of this stuff in and around the Adirondacks. Gotta have the old candlestand and chair, and a red wool blanket is nearly required. Bought those at the “Giant Chair” antique store on Cascade in Lake Placid. When that little antique shop was still in the Alpine Mall in Lake Placid, the kind owner told me she had a rocking chair I’d like over in the other store. “Just tell them I said you could have it for $50.” Picked up the Eastlake-like table there too. She and I are now nodding towny friends. I run into her in the Blue Moon frequently.

100_0480Toss in a couple of rug beaters from the Log Cabin next to the parking lot in Lake Placid, a few rustic prints from Burlington, my accordion, and my easel and paint stuff, and I think we’ll be pretty Adirondackally presentable right off the bat!



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6 responses to “Half Cracked

  1. ahhhh, but do you have a required print of the Dancing Bears?

  2. You got some neat stuff for your Adirondack place! Now how about some Adirondack chairs…….. 🙂

  3. Shelley – I totally want two Adirondack Chairs! They’re so expensive up here! I’ll have to add that purchase to my mad money purchases.

  4. I’m back! Do you have a Garden Ridge Store by you?? If so, they have Adirondack chairs with the ottomans currently on sale for $49!!
    Not bad!

  5. themac

    WOW – time has flown by! But, you are right on track. What an exciting time!!

  6. Love your new header, and you are closing doors behind you and starting to find new wonderful doors to open! Good luck on your interview! blessings,Kathleen

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