Three More Days

Three more days, and then I’m am free to completely concentrate on packing and such. Performances of Little Shop this weekend, and my last day as a church organist is Sunday. We’re taking off for the Adirondacks Sunday after church, but we’ll be headed back to the city Monday night.

Amusing Story – My brother-in-law is a cable/DSL installer. He was sent to the Washington Irving Historic Site to turn off their service. Lady in charge at the site freaks – “But … but, you can’t! This is Washington Irving’s house!” My brother-in-law quips back, “Well, Washington Irving didn’t pay his cable bill.” Ha! It’s tough all over, kids.

Not much news today. The electric guys did come and take down our power lines at the Adirondack place … or at least I assume they did. They called me to confirm. Good thing they called. They had their eye on the neighbor’s property!

Down in the city, today was the final rehearsal before the final rehearsal for Little Shop. Tomorrow, all the wireless mics, pit mics, fog machines, and and all manner of things-tech are added. Besides the run-through today, I ran a rehearsal for Audrey II #4 (pictured, although that’s not me), and I made a pretty sign for the alley wall. See you after the weekend!





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4 responses to “Three More Days

  1. I so loved that movie! I bet it would be even more awesome to see it in person! I remember when I moved to the country, our address didn’t even exist in the electric company’s system. I was like, well how did the previous people have electricity!?

    We still don’t know. Oh well.

  2. Good luck on that show, I’ll bet it will turn out very exciting and be a hit! And p.s.. to Janelle,… usually rural areas just “know” where people live,..maybe even by the family name that lived in the house 50-100 years ago. Now in more modern times we’ve all been assigned 911 addresses. Instead of “RFD 2” I now have a real street number and I’m at least 6 miles out of town! That took some getting used to!

  3. Have fun with the show! Break a leg and all that. 🙂

  4. Sounds like Cedar and I probably had the same experiences in our area – we just got the 911 addresses a few years ago.

    Janelle – What you explained was exactly what I experienced – The electric company, deed, etc, had no address for our house. We don’t have mail delivery, so it just didn’t matter. Every place in town was just listed as “Main Road” or just simply the name of the town. (The elec company identified us by meter #, I came to find out.)

    Along the same lines – Our previous owner had never gotten a 911 street number – So I got to pick mine! Called the fire dept and they said “Just pick one. Long as it’s in consecutive order.” Ha!

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