Very, Very Bad

Well, we’re screwed, if you’ll pardon the expression.

Our demolition contractor informed me that we need an asbestos inspection. It was a bit of a surprise, but I told myself that although expensive, it’s not the end of the world. Because we don’t have any asbestos anyway. The very, very bad part is this – He just told me this weekend. The demo is scheduled for May 21. The inspection has at least a 24 day turnaround. And then it has to be submitted to the EPA 10 days before demolition. Even if they were performing the inspection right now, that would put us at June 8th.

And I am very, very angry. As I see it, I have three choices.

1. Pay extra to expedite, which doesn’t really buy us much more time.
2. Wait it out, push our plans back, and hope they don’t find anything.
3. Do the demo myself. If you do it yourself, no inspection required.

I am seriously considering tearing it down on my own. I’ve spoken to the three neighbors, and they also think it’s the best course of action. And they offered to let me plug in and run a long hose from their spigots to the RV. I could dump the waste tank into my own septic. Just get up there and start taking the house down bit by bit, hire a few guys and save the $10,000 demolition fee. This would also put an end to our money worries.

What else can I do? Even if we push our plans back, this all cannot possibly be done before the date we give up this apartment. All because the contractor didn’t think to mention this earlier. Even when he had the dates two months ago. I like this guy a lot, and he is the best in the area, but I think he may have just cost himself $10,000.

And by the way, the ten day window for the electric company to take the service drop and meter off the house was up 11 days ago. And they have done nothing. “Someone will call you by the end of the week.”

Yeah, I bet.



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10 responses to “Very, Very Bad

  1. ok,…. got into the comment block finally. i had just left a comment on the “even keel” post as I couldn’t get this to open. message is this… remember to breathe! Things WILL work out,.. and schedules are sand plans, not in concrete. Best guess scenario …. so roll with it. If you do the demo yourself will you have to hire machinery?,… take a chance on getting hurt?.. still take longer than you think? Good luck!

  2. It sounds as though you have a fair amount of anger to direct into the demo.

    You could always have a demolition party. A keg of beer, some food, and a little demolition. A chance for rowdy guests to tear down the house…

  3. reneé

    sh*t…demo sounds fun to me! count me in!
    and, g-burg mom is right, house demo would be a great outlet for the moving frustrations…

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! It sounds like you will be demoing! Please take pictures and I agree with the keg of beer and food. Maybe gasoline and matches too.

  5. Elaine May

    As a lifetime member of the do it yoursefers, I say go ahead and do it. We even built our own 2500 square foot home in the good old days.
    A work bee if you like, they’re fun or just go ahead and do it yourself if you can’t find any help.
    Tearing one down sounds a lot easier than building one . No problem, go for it.
    Elaine in Canada

  6. Elaine

    Saving $10,000 sure sounds good to me, I wouldn’t even think of hiring someone to do it.

  7. Smashing a house sounds kind of fun, actually. Think of all the frustration you will be able to work out!

  8. I’m not sure a Keg would help (or hurt).

    Maybe attaching it full to a giant rope and used like a wrecking ball? What kind of beer?

    And seriously, given your three “choices”, did you expect any other option? Where’s the Big Hammer?

  9. Ohhhhhhh that STINKS! With all the other stuff going on you needed this news like you need a hole in your head. 😦 I’m so sorry! Take heart thought – I know from having read this blog for a long time that you’ve got good friends and neighbors who can and will help you out, so either way, it’s gonna be ok. Sit down tonight with a glass of wine and think it over. A glass of wine helps situations not seem so bad. 😀

  10. LOL That’s usually how it goes. Hurry up and wait………I’m with the other posters, do the work yourself. The contractor should have told you about the inspection. Not your fault but he will be the one now paying for it by losing out on 10k. LOL Losing out on that much money may help him to remember to tell the next person what needs to be done…..

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