On an Even Keel

Well, yeah.

I’ve been skipping blogging days here, but I figure that multiple entires about packing would be about as exciting as an essay on my exploits in nail-hole patching. I’m not much of a filler sort of person anyway. I like to have something juicy or fun to mention when I post.

100_0204Things are good here. Good enough. Need to clean up a little bit – the packing has scattered things. I went into my music room last night to get something I had left on the piano and noisily tripped on my granny cart.

But there are small victories. My other half got a call for a job interview, so we’re going to make a quick day-trip up a week from Monday. That’ll be nice, and I can stick some things in the car, take a load North. That makes me remember how thankful I am that we are close enough to do a day-trip. We can leave at 6am, be there by 1pm, and be back by midnight.

All the paint I saved from when I renovated this apartment six years ago is still good. I won’t have to go matching paint colors to cover over the nail-hole patches. I am slowly getitng posessions whittled down. (Although, we have resolved ourselves to a self-storage unit for some stuff.) My last week as a church organist will be May 10. As much as I like it, it will be nice to have the weekend freedom to start making our weekly Adirondack moving runs.

I meant to take some more photos from the production of Little Shop of Horrors I’m working on, but we’re in tech rehearsals right now, and you can imagine how complicated tech with five versions of a man eating plant might be. At this point in the schedule, I am mighty glad that I turned down another show I was offered. As for the future, I have a few ideas for shows in the Adirondacks. We’ll see how they pan out.

Have to get settled up there and some fences built before I starting thinking of theatre. And there is my personal light at the end of the tunnel … being able to plant my garden the first week in June.



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7 responses to “On an Even Keel

  1. So which place called? Is it the really really good one you guys were wanting to hear from?

  2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that Job interview! 🙂

  3. Corin

    not too long before garden planting time! you’ll be settled in before long.

  4. Hope the job interview goes well. My, you are such a busy one! Where do you get your energy? Hope you get all of your things accomplished and get some rest too! blessings,Kathleen

  5. Oh, you know the old saying – “If you need something done, ask someone super busy.” Or something like that. I’m hanging on! =)

  6. Sounds like your days are cheerfully chock-full of living. Moving is always chaotic, but you seem to have a handle on it. Good luck on the interview!

  7. Just read your bad news post,… remember to breathe, my friend,… breathe! A year from now it will all make for funny stories around a campfire.

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