The Value of Good Planning

Good planning saves the day.

Yes, a big move just plain stinks. However, being fully human, I take some small solace in the fact that things could be worse. If I had not started the wheels in motion weeks ago, the current situation would be much worse.

For instance, I made all the arrangements with our demolition contractor weeks ago. Rather than having to plan the house teardown during the current panic period, the advance work is done. I also called the electric company and made arrangements to have the meter and service head taken off the house two weeks ago. Not to say these things are finished. But, rather than having to start from scratch, it’s just a call to ask where we’re at, or ask why something hasn’t been done. Putting out small fires rather than battling a major blaze.

And compartmentalizing helps. For instance, when communicating with the church office about what music to play on Sunday, they usually send some song suggestions. This week, I decided not to have an opinion, and just emailed back and said “those three are fine.” Done. Now I can ignore it. Yesterday, the giant plants arrived for the production of Little Shop of Horrors I am working on at school. The day turned into staying at school until 6pm, but I helped the kids learn how to operate the plants and ran through the score with the band. Done. Now I can ignore it.

100_04231And perhaps, way down deep, hidden under layers of panic, there is a very soft pleasant feeling. Sort of. The track of the Relocation Rollercoaster has been laid in the form of strong planning. Nowadays, we just ride the rollercoaster. Sure,ย  there are major bumps and steep drops along the way, the thing moves way too fast, and it’s just plain scary. But, we know the track is solid and we’ll be able to step off at the other end.

And there are a few joys amidst the chaos. My high school students are an absolute pleasure. I leave you today with a quick pic I snapped at rehearsal of Seymour getting reading to be chomped by the man-eating plant, Audrey II. Live, it’s just about the coolest thing you ever saw.



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7 responses to “The Value of Good Planning

  1. Finally *~* I’ve had a terrible time trying to get here.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for you guys to get completely moved. I’m so excited and happy for you ! and that Audry II is very, very cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Isn’t working with high school kids just the absolute best? As long as I had to come out of retirement I am so happy to be working here and enjoying these young people!

  3. Isn’t Little Shop of Horrors just the best? I’ve seen it on Broadway, and I’ve seen it in high school productions. And, I like high school the most. ๐Ÿ™‚
    How fun!

  4. adkmac

    fun fun! You’re doing your best duck impersonation – even keel on top and paddling like mad underwater!

    Great work! Soon enough you’ll be having ice cream at Donnelley’s looking at that beautiful view!

  5. Love the Audrey II in the photo… My oldest daughter was in a production of Little Shop one year in high school. Good times!

    I hope the move is proceding smoothly!

  6. Someday this too shall pass and you will look back and laugh —- well, maybe not cry??? Moving is heck for everyone — which is why this the LAST move I will ever make. They are taking me outta here feet first!!!

    Have strength – you will survive – somehow!!

  7. LOVE that plant! Take a deep breath and tell yourself that when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will all be over…..(until the next hurdle… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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