Lonely House

We’re off super early tomorrow morning to the Carolinas visit our jeep genius Wild Bill. And our friend Peggy. And the goats. You all have a terrific weekend, and I’ll see you Monday. For the time being, here’s my house-packing-photo-essay. I call it Lonely House.







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6 responses to “Lonely House

  1. ohhhh it does look lonely in there….Have a great weekend!

  2. you’re going through an interesting time. it’s been many years since I moved but I remember the process–both exhilirating and depressing, mixed with a good bit of anxiety. But this too shall pass.

    Hey, let your blog friends know what’s going up for sale. We might be interested (and if you wanted it back sometime, you’d know where to find us!).

  3. Hope your trip is great-and the house won’t be lonely for long-your friends will keep it company!

  4. Turning the page of the City Mouse-Country Mouse chapter of your life!

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