The Calm That Follows the Storm

I’m feeling a bit better about all of this. Of course, a big round of good news always helps. Mind you, I’m still slightly mad … I did insist on packing the dog’s clothes from when he was a puppy. And I made him wear one of the coats for a while. In the house.

100_0191That’s our hallway in the photo – The pictures are down off the walls, the nails are pulled, and the plaster is scraped in most of the house. I’ll go to the store this weekend to pick up a small bucket of joint compound to fill the holes. Being my usual hyper-planning self, I saved the paint cans from five years ago when we moved in – I’ll be able to touch up the patches with the correct paint colors. One of my personal rules is to leave a place better than I found it.

And here’s a load off … big news … drum roll … our best friends are going to be renting the apartment. It’s absolutely ideal. They need some more furniture, her taste is very much like mine, and they will be keeping our large pieces – couch, dining room table, etc.

Yes folks, this is going to save me from wrestling the huge couch out the side door and trying to somehow get the china closet down the stairs. And then some. A big bonus for us all – because we will be slowly clearing out and because we’re dealing with friends, they can be slowly moving their stuff in, as opposed to having to do it all in one day. Best day in recent memory!

Guess where we’re going this weekend? To see our good friends Wild Bill (our Jeep genius) and Peggy at Hidden Haven. We’re way too excited. All you have to do to get us to jump is mention “roadtrip” and “goats” in the same sentence.

In packing news, the pile to go North is still alarmingly large, and I haven’t even gotten to the bedroom and office – which are the rooms we mostly live in. So, I just keep re-culling. And re-culling.

It’s a total process.



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6 responses to “The Calm That Follows the Storm

  1. I’m starting to think we should be hearing this whole saga from the dog’s point-of-view.

    “Dressing me up again?” “Where the heck are we going?” “Will I sleep here tonight?” “I want my blankie.” “Phill still has those paint cans?”

  2. A dog with baby clothes? Too funny! (ooops,.. I just remembered the little baby receiving blanket and snap front shirt I bought for my new puppy back in ’96) Oh well,… moving on to another topic! 🙂 I’m so glad your friends will be the next tenents,.. so much easier!

  3. lol – yes, what does the dog have to say about this?

    Happy Earth Day!

  4. These last couple of posts with pictures from your NYC place sure show the stark contrast of what will be your old life and your new life. You are very brave, but I know you’re going to love every minute of your “new life”!

  5. I have no room to judge you on dressing the dog. I have done it to the cats, and tried to do it to Hercules , the rabbit, and he put a stop to that quickly! Hope you have a fun visit with your friends. Blessings,Kathleen

  6. adkmac

    I am completely entertained by visions of Rufus in a pupy coat since the last pic I saw of him was when he was trapped in the Haunted Shell of a house. Great news about friends moving in!!

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