Cracking Up

Am I a total downer this week, or what? I guess it’s not too too bad around here. The dog and I have only had one conversation along the lines of, “You know what, I feel pretty queasy too.”

100_0190I have photos taken and descriptions written for some things I might be able to get some money out of. Those will go up on Craigslist when I decide the time is opportune. I have the things that are going to a friend’s house sitting by the door, and our pile of stuff that needs to go with us is growing in the other corner. And yeah, there is something very, very unsettling about most of your possessions going away. In fact, the process really has made me a bit queasy. (And the dog too – he doesn’t react well to his turf being up-ended.)

I think the worst part of it all is going through it item by item. Because, of course, each item brings back memories. The root of thing being, if each item is a memory, and most have to get tossed out … well, that’s just plain tough.

However, enough whining. The day did improve, and I do have my fight back! Onward and upward!


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7 responses to “Cracking Up

  1. It’s been a long time since I did a real move. Our last, for awhile, was just across the street. Much harder than moving across town because you don’t throw anything away.

    I have to say, you guys have some seriously organized piles going. It’s controlled chaos here and we aren’t even going anywhere!

    Take lots of pictures of things before they go.

  2. Just think – you’ll be accumulating some new treasures for your new home! 🙂

  3. We moved three times in three years. I got really good at throwing crap out by the last move. The worst was going through the storage unit and seeing just what we’d been paying $100 a month to store.

    You could always take pictures of some of the things that have sentimental value before you get rid of them. It’s what one of my friends did with all the baby clothes she wanted to remember, but not quite hold onto.

  4. Just turning a page, that’s all. New adventures and new keepsakes are waiting for you. TourPro has a good idea,.. take pictures! Create a small photo album with photo and story about each item….

  5. All wonderful ideas – and thank you for the comments. The culling really is tough, and chatting about it is helpful. Corny enough, you know what I am having the worst problem tossing? The DOG CLOTHES from when he was a puppy! LOL I just can’t do it!

  6. Sad but energizing! Doing a huge spring clean mentally and physically – nothing is better for the soul. You know, I happen to have a large, mostly unfurnished home not too far from you so you can visit your stuff every now and again.

    Taking pics of the baby clothing – brilliant! I have 30 boxes of baby clothing and he’s not 2 yet!! Don’t laugh about Rufus clothing – we all know he’ll be sporting puppy slippers and a coat during the winter.

  7. I think moving is more of a spiritual journey than a physical one sometimes. lol. You have to muck out so much and most of the time you’re like, “why did I keep THIS!?”

    Hang in there.

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