A minor update. The first big load from the house clean-out went out to the trash last night, and I can hear the trash truck approaching.

In the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished department, I had a pile of nice stuff I needed to get rid of – Japanese vases, a tea set, some dishes, cut glass bowl, beer mugs, wine glasses, stuff like that. Nothing usually stays on the curb for long here, so I stuck it in an open-topped box and put it out so someone could just it if they wanted to.

Some jerk came along, and decided they wanted only the plates … and the box. So, they took the plates and the box, and dumped everything else out in the gutter, breaking most of it and ruining it for anyone else. The broken pieces were up against the tire of a parked car. Luckily, I looked out the window. At eight this morning, I was out there picking up pieces of glass and putting all the ruined stuff in the trash can. Jackasses.

The stuff goes in a trash can from now on, nice or not.

100_0120In nicer news – I have a few tables and a lamp that we can’t take with us; things that mean something to me. They’re going to go down to our good friends at Hidden Haven. So, that’s pretty cool – things I am fond of are going to people I am fond of.


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7 responses to “Jerks

  1. KateOH

    Jerks is right! Next time, see if a local church or rotary club will pick it up for rummage sale.

  2. I use Freecycle to get rid of oodles of stuff. It stinks that people are so shortsighted and selfish.

  3. Yeah, I may have to go the Freecycle route. I thought it would be perfectly fine to put the stuff out – generally, people take it. Sort of a tradition around here. Evidently, it’s not that easy.

  4. What a shame..Sometimes i loose my optimism and get so discouraged by the thoughtlessness of people…

  5. Amy

    Some people are so inconsiderate.

  6. You did the right thing, take comfort in that. I hope all your things find good homes. They will bring a bit of your way of looking at the world to their new owners. A true gift.

  7. That’s too bad that person was a turkey! It was nice of you to put those things out for someone to pick up.

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