This morning, I spoke to our Adirondack neighbors for quite a while, and my thoughts have turned to genteel planning pursuits.

We’ll be making stuff-runs a few weeks before the RV arrives, so our neighbor very graciously offered to store stuff in her garage, if everything doesn’t temporarily fit in the sheddycabin. The cabin will eventually serve as guest quarters and a work room. Maybe not exactly luxurious to sleep in a cabin full of bookcases, but the double height air bed is eminently comfortable. And it will be nice for guests to have a space of their own.

I think most folks with a dream-and-a-plan start clipping magazine photos years in advance. I found that collecting photos over time really gave me the space to visualize what I want specifically. I’ve taken to calling my preferred “look” Tumbledown-Rustic-Quaint.

insidecabinMost of our furniture will stay with the city house, be sold, or go to the stoop. We will bring some pedestals and plant stands and candle tables (our house here is High Victorian), but the big stuff will stay. Being that the RV is already outfitted with beds and couches and stuff, not much reason to move much more than the essentials. Last Summer, I finished off the cabin with a large standing desk and shelves.

We talked a lot about gardening on the phone today. Maybe not-so-curiously, another neighbor was on his way over with the tiller to dig under and loosen up our good friend’s garden. Gardening and growing a good deal of our own food is one of the things I look forward to most.

raisedbedI’d been thinking that I’d like to make our raised beds from scrap from the old house – just seems right to re-use as much as we can. Thing is, when you’re dealing with a backhoe and bucket, you can’t exactly be guaranteed particular lengths of boards. I ran across this neat plan for the tall raised beds I wanted. It’s just perfect – accommodates my short lengths of wood, and it looks nice. I’ll also add some uprights at the ends with tomato planters on top, so they can vine down. (Hanging tomatoes!)

railfenceA split rail fence along the front of the road and several (dozen) new evergreen plantings should complete things nicely. Curiously, I’m having trouble finding a source for split rain fencing in our area. You would think it would be all over a region full of logging. Have to remember to call a few of the lumber mills to ask about that. I found this photo that is just about exactly what we want the front of the property to look like – a nice wood fence and conifers.

shed-coverAfter talking with some farm friends, we’re going to start the Small Pines Menagerie with just a few chickens, maybe a few ducks. I’m going to have plenty to deal with this season, and we’re going to be away for three days with a show in October, so I don’t want someone to have to look after a goat or somesuch. Chickens will mean getting a decent looking little barn up out back, but that seems easy enough. Past that, my dream of building a cordwood cottage has resurfaced. I think I’m going to do it. Maybe start it out as a shed/extra room and see how it goes. They’re pretty, aren’t they? If it’s under 150 square feet, I don’t need a permit or inspection.

This all should keep me busy enough. Oh, yeah – Remember I mentioned I’d like to write a book, and had been thinking about it for quite a while? Think I might just do that. Add it to the list. But I’m going to keep you in suspense. More on that later.



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8 responses to “Tumbledown-Rustic-Quaint

  1. I love cord wood houses! So very pretty.

    Your too list is looking mighty full. Have fun with it!

  2. I feel absolutely lazy next to your plans! But I’m cheering you on. We’ll be over to say hello as soon as you are settled in the RV and give the ok. Promise to bring a house-warming gift! VBG!

  3. I just loved reading about your plans. They all sound wonderful! Have a great weekend, blessings,Kathleen

  4. It all sounds wonderful…even letting go of some of the old stuff from your house in NYC. Your life will be changing so much….I love that picture you have above of the cordwood cottage….So pretty!!! Oh and chickens…I wish we could keep chickens here…..

  5. Marilyn

    You surly have some great ideas..
    I’ve always loved split rail fences and they seem to last forever…I’m surprised your having a hard time finding them up there…Keep up your search!!!
    I used to have chicken & ducks, just LOVED my Ducks…Great Eggs…
    Enjoy the weekend…

  6. adkmac

    For the fence – did you try the place in Bloomingdale in back of the Bloomin’ Market?

  7. Ooh – no! Didn’t know about that place. Our neighbor is looking for rails to replace part of her fence too. I’ll call her and have her check it out. Thanks, Mac!

  8. I do love the idea for the raised garden beds! And love the idea for a book! Maybe one of your adventures of your new life in the Adirondacks??……

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