Saranac Lake, 61 Years Ago Today

I think old newspapers – and especially old ads – are fascinating. Windows to a world gone by, and all that.

I was recently looking through an April, 1948 edition of our local paper – Saranac Lake’s Adirondack Daily Enterprise, archived at Northern New York Historical Newspapers. I found it really interesting that nearly every ad is either nightclub/bar/entertainment related, or ladies-in-the-home stuff.

I’ll catch you later. We’re scooting over to the Pontiac to catch that new flick Bambi, and then we’re driving out to The Birches for dinner. Maybe to The Top Hat after that for drinks.









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7 responses to “Saranac Lake, 61 Years Ago Today

  1. Dude, if your going to spend time poring over those PDFs, I’ve got a bunch of searches you can run for me!

  2. Our local movie theater had a little flyer that looked like that. What a blast from the past!

  3. KateOH

    My mom used to work at Charlie Green’s when she was a kid!

  4. Irish45

    I worked at Charlie Green’s Mkt.from l4-l7yrs.of age and family always traded there. He was so special.I recognize all the other ads and places too. Thanks for the memories. Irish45

  5. Well, maybe I’ll have to hunt up some more of these ads from the area and do this every so often. Pretty neat that you folks have a connection to it. If anyone can tell us anything about The Top Hat or Durgan’s, please do!

  6. These are fun to look at! Can’t believe how cheap tomatoes were back then! This year I’m growing my own.

  7. Wow! Those old ads are fun! Things sure have changed, haven’t they???

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