Adirondack Tele-Commuting

I’m beginning to think that because I’ve shared so much of my planning here on the blog, the actual events are a little anti-climactic. Ah, well. Here goes …

100_5662I phoned National Grid (National Greed, in local parlance) today. It is eerily easy to have the electric meter and service head taken off your house. I just called them and gave them the meter number. Done. That would make a first-class of practical joke, no? It will be down in the next week. I had wanted to be there, since it will be a minor spectacle. The electric line comes from across the street. Can’t travel six hours North just to watch the cherry-picker though. Did you think I wouldn’t have a photo of our electric meter? Surprise!

jeep1Second phone call was to my friend and livestock mentor Peggy to catch up on her adventures at Hidden Haven. How does that figure into our plans? Well, it so happens, she’s married to Wild Bill, our genius Jeep guy. We’ll be heading South to pick up the Maroon Monster (Burgundy Beast?) the weekend of the 24th. Bonus item – Wild Bill found us an extra set of street tires and rims (as opposed to the snow/mud tires and rims) with about 90% tread left for $150. Most awesome.

photo_061408_001Third call? Our demolition contractor. Really nice, stand-up guy. I always enjoy talking to him for fun as much as business. He’s calling over to town hall to start the permits process. We don’t expect any glitches, and hopefully they won’t require an asbestos inspection – that would be another $1000. We don’t have any asbestos, and I think they should just take my word for it. Don’t you? Everyone in the family hates the big old house, especially now that we’ve had the nice, clean cabin for a while. Even the dog hates it – can’t you just see his scorn for the place? (“Sleep here?! You’ve got to be kidding.”)

So, the big bad house will come down in late May, if all goes as planned. Demo Guy said it should take a day and a half, at most. Probably two since I need a little special grading done. Big demo a-brewin’! Trust me, we’ll have plenty of video and photos of that event!


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9 responses to “Adirondack Tele-Commuting

  1. Having had the electrical service ripped off a few different houses due to ice storms, I can assure you it’s much more complicated to get the electric company to show up to reattach that power.

    Rufus is displaying some vicious disdain for the accommodations.

  2. Do I detect a bit of the “whites of his eyes”… sort of a doggie eye-roll about the place? Patience, dear dog, it will be gone soon and you will have a nice clean 5th to live in! 🙂

  3. Maybe for you it’s checking off a list, but for the rest of us it’s like watching a chick hatch. I can’t wait for the next installment!

  4. Your dog is cute! I hope you post pics of the demo!!

  5. It’s cool to have a “livestock mentor”.

  6. Ha! That look on Rufus’ face is totally priceless!

  7. OK. Last nite we watched taking Pelham 123.

    Mustache disguises – Tupper Lake Robber

    Mentors – Seinfeld – George Costanza’s dad was Walter Mathau’s second-in-command.

    All coincidences? I think not.

  8. Poor Rufus! He looks like he wants to run away or hide under a bed, if there was one.

    I wish you luck on all your other NG needs! When power needs come back, I hope they are as quick as they are with removing the meter.

  9. Wow, now I get it! This is a business blog….good luck and welcome to Adirondack Telecommuting. I’m an old hand at it – 18 years.

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