Lazy, but Beautiful


Sorry for the radio silence there for a few days. Had an “everything happening at once” episode – I’ve been in all-day rehearsals for a play, had a few church services to prep organ and piano music for, and caught a cold. And of course, I’ve been further developing the Big Adirondack Plans. Things go well – Ol’ Wild Bill even found an extra set of tires and rims for the Jeep!

Mercifully, I’m completely off from all work for a day, and have Monday to rest. Shall we term today’s post “Lazy, but Beautiful?” Here are a couple snaps of things I am looking forward to seeing soon, and on a much more permanent basis.


The Road Home – Just North of Saranac Lake

saranac lake

Main Street, in Town


My Favorite Paddle – Black Pond

littleitalyIsn’t it always the little things that mean the most?
I totally crave a meatball sub at Little Italy. Can’t wait!

route 86 photo courtesy of teleskiqueen‘s photostream at flickr
saranac lake main street photo courtesy of


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10 responses to “Lazy, but Beautiful

  1. That photo of the road home, and Black Pond are beautiful…. I love the sound of Loons … Happy Easter my friend…

  2. Temp here in the daks was 28° this a.m….. and snow in the air! ACK! Is there no end to it?

  3. I love the misty photo of Black Pond. I’d love to paddle there too! Great post.

  4. Dinner at Little Italy. Yum.

  5. I keep hearing that the new Italian Restaurant that used to be the Burger King is the Little Italy guy too. Looks more upscale than LI. I forget the name of the place. I was just saying that I think it is forever to be known as “The Italian Restaurant That Used to Be Burger King.”

  6. Love the loons in the Black Pond photo…Such a sound I just Love to hear…
    You should be getting so VERY excited, such a move is ‘Heaven’…
    Hope your day was filled with happiness and great you have an extra day off to enjoy it!!!
    Best Always…Marilyn

  7. I love these glimpses into your town! I would love to kayak on that Black pond!

  8. What lovely surroundings you live in! It would be like being on vacation every day of your life!I love the way the sky looks on the photo of the road home and I love bridges that go across ponds. Such a serene setting! One could write a book being there! blessings,Kathleen

  9. Nana Fina – new place where BK used to be. They don’t have their liquor license yet but was open for a few days. The food is awesome and the servings are huge!

    Get the meatball pizza from LI – that, my friend, is amazing!!

  10. All of those pictures make me want to move to the Adirondacks. We decided to move to Pennsylvania, but the desire to live farther up north is still there. Those are beautiful pictures by the way!

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