My Love for Caustic Chemicals

Well, I love lye, at least.

I guess I need to qualify that. I adore real, old-fashioned lye soap. (Did you know that the supermarket bar stuff is actually not soap? It isn’t.) I like a nice, tough, serious soap. Homemade lye soap (we call it Farm Soap) is my absolute favorite.

100_0119I recently won a little something over at one of my favorite blogs, Welcome to Prosperine. Prosperine and I certainly have a lot of interests in common, so I wasn’t too surprised that the package I received in the mail was truly a box full of my favorite things.

Besides the package of saved Genovese Basil Hybrid seeds (awesome), I received a handmade bar of Red Clay and Citrus, Honey Almond, and Coffee Scrub soap. And it is amazing. Um-ay-zing. I used to make real lye soap now and then, but nothing like this. This stuff is gorgeous to smell, and gorgeous to look at. So much so, I stacked it up and took a fancy picture – that’s really the soap I got pictured here.

And in fact, I just saw late breaking news – Prosperine may have some soaps available. If you’re interested, check it out, fast.

Thanks, Prosperine!



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5 responses to “My Love for Caustic Chemicals

  1. I love good ole fashioned soap too! I picked some up from a farmers market last year – cherry almond! It smelled good enough to eat!

  2. Ken

    Handmade soap is the bomb!

  3. Prosperine

    I am so glad you liked them 🙂

  4. I used to do quite a bit of “real” soapmaking and you’re right. There’s nothing like it. You can control your suds by changing the oils you use. The fragrance and additive combinations are limitless. So much fun to dabble in! I stopped using real soap when I moved into a house with an all-glass shower stall…just couldn’t deal with that much soap scum removal! I miss it! Enjoy your earthy bars! I know you will.

  5. I used to make lye soap too, the plain kind. I still like it best without any scents or “fripperies.” The soaps in your picture are beautiful though, and I can almost smell them. I hope to make some soap this year, still have the lard off the hogs we butchered last fall.

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