Why I Hate Trees

Regular readers might remember, I wanted to learn how to paint. Oil painting, specifically. I thought I might like painting mountains. We’ll be moving the Adirondacks full time soon, so I’ll have plenty of mountains to paint. My friend over at i am alive and I were recently talking about getting our dust-collecting art supplies out, and so I did.

Having made my artistic ambitions known, I got a nice table top easel and a starter set of oils for Christmas. Bought some decent brushes at the local art store. And then the trouble started. I went to YouTube and started looking at painting lessons. Big mistake. A few months later, I have developed my own (however amateur) “style.” But I still have those stupid art lessons paint-a-picture-in-ten-minutes trees stuck in my head.

100_0108So what ends up happening is this –  I paint a perfectly decent mountain.  Like this one I painted last week, for instance. I am pleased with the mountain. I need to work on my sky skills, but I am very happy with the mountain, and I’m not too too embarrassed to let someone see it. Then I think to myself, “Well, I guess it needs some trees or bushes or something.” And I proceed to paint a tree on the side, in front of the mountain. In that style I can’t shake, left over from lessons. And it looks like two completely different people painted each. And the stupid tree has messed up my mountain painting.

Stupid $#&%@$# trees.



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8 responses to “Why I Hate Trees

  1. Well, at least you have your paints out and are working with them. Mine have been n the closet for at least 20 years,…. maybe over spring break? p.s… yes, your mountain is definitely respectable! Don’t fret the sky, it looks fine.

  2. Self-learning to oil paint via YouTube?!

    I’m sure you must have watched at least one video of that guy with the crazy hair.

  3. reneé

    sharing your work is the best way to remain inspired to improve…plus you get feedback.
    you’ll find your own way about the trees. i have great faith based on your (not so) amateur mountain technique.
    you’ve bravely chosen to teach yourself with what i feel is a very unforgiving medium.
    hopefully i’ll be brave enough to share soon!

  4. Beautiful!! Nice depth. Forget about the trees and name the art piece, “Post Foilage”.

  5. Thanks all! I’m going to look at some major painters to try to get a handle on the trees problem. Impressionists, I guess.

    Tour Pro – Yep. Those are Bob Ross’s Happy Little Trees trees that are stuck in my head!

  6. Jami

    I laughed at your post title considering the name of your blog is Small Pines. I think your mountain so far looks nice….maybe it could be above the timberline?

  7. I think you’ve been hiding a talent-the mountain and sky look great. After seeing the painting-my advice would be just paint! I don’t think you need any advice.

  8. I had to laugh, Phill. This is so funny. And so like us all–we try our best to learn something only to find we screwed up what we already knew. Ah, humans.

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