The Twitterondacks 04.01.09

twitter-birdWelcome to The Twitterondacks! Below are a few of the neat Adirondack posts I’ve seen on Twitter this week. My only rule is that I don’t post conversations between Twitterers. It’s all about interesting info, timely topics, and a link to the original tweeter.

TwentyFour01 has put together an awesome list of New York State Bloggers who also Twitter. From what I can tell, this is a list of actual “live” social Tweeters (as opposed to RSS feeds). Um, awesome!

Watertown Daily News is organizing a North Country TweetUp – Live Tweety Connectivity, 1pm at Panera on Saturday! (What’s a Panera?)

TourPro’s reps (and maybe yours too) are non-tweeters.

AdirondackDotNet reminds us that trout season starts … Today!

The hot story of the week undoubtedly belonged to the Danes. By the time I stopped counting I had 40-something tweets repeating the information about the Danish Thing. However, you know what is very, very interesting? The Twitter news was about twenty four hours ahead of the newspapers and our local bigbox media. (Did I just coin a new term?)

AdkCouncil tweets a super cool pic – Signs of Spring in the Adirondacks.

High Peaks Resort points out a neat new Adk Birding Guide.

Adirondacks tweets news from the NYS DOT concerning the closure of I87 from exits 28 to 30, June 8 through July 6.

The Press Republican expects to be tweeting news within a few weeks.

It’s just an opinion, but to me, watching the cold steely dollar amounts of  NCPR‘s fundraising drive tweeting by – with nary a folksy quip or fun local story in sight – makes my personal recession feel far more recessiony. “Update: $95,518.” Indeed. Cold hard cash ain’t folksy or fun. Where are you when we need a kind word, Jackie? Radio Bob? Todd? Help!


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  1. Hey, this is really good stuff! It’s so much MORE FUN when a bunch of people are reading and aggregating.

    What do you think? I’d say there are about 6 of us seriously filtering stuff up here – news, blogs, memes, etc. It would be cool if we could get all of our “pipes” flowing into the same pool so we could all enjoy a refreshing dip. Or Wood-fired Hot Tub, as the case may be.

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