Sneaky Pines

I’m not good with regular blog programming – like to be a little bit more free form. However, I had an idea and thought it would be fun to post now and then, if not exactly weekly.

lakeclearWhen we were first discovering the Adirondacks, one of the things I noticed was this – The guidebooks, for the most part, only tell you about the major attractions. Yet, many of the stories you hear involve off-the-beaten-path locations. I’m not much of a bushwhacker or climber, but I certainly have a list of my own not-in-the-books favorites.

Interested in visiting some lesser known spots? I’ve started a Google Map –The Adirondack Sneak & Stealth Map. I’ll be adding new stealthy spots every so often and posting about it. Get out there and have fun!

This Week’s Stealth –

Black Pond – Whether it’s for canoeing or just to take in the view, this is one of the most beautiful small ponds in the St. Regis area, plus – easily accessible from roadside. Added bonus – the drive up Keese Mills Road is gorgeous.

Norman Ridge Road – Best Autumn leaf viewing in the Adirondacks, hands down, and the view turning East on Norman Ridge Road from Route 3 is stunning.

Donnelly’s Corners – The region’s premiere soft serve (hotly contested), served up at the appropriately named Donnelly’s corners, with a view across the Valley to Whiteface Mountain. The drive up Route 86 is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Hiking the New York Central – A nice easy flat hike along the old track bed, from Lake Clear to Gabriels, in reverse, or beyond. Be sure not to miss the “Beer, Lake Clear, 6 Miles” sign on your way down from Gabriels. Beware of serious buzzers during bug season.



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8 responses to “Sneaky Pines

  1. Great idea on your map!! I love finding “off the beaten path” type places.

  2. Absolutely! The view from Donnelley’s is awesome!

  3. Beth

    Your blog make me want to move up to the Adirondacks full time! We have a camp on Union Falls Pond that we don’t get to visit as often as I’d like. I’m hoping to get up there for Memorial Day, Donnelly’s opening weekend!

  4. Ok, you need to stop mentioning Donnelley’s. Really. My taste buds are anticipating them opening even more with each mention of it. YUMMY!!! I always bring some home too. This will be the 3rd year in a row my wee-one gets to have the pure pleasure of this delicousness, before dinner, of course!

  5. Mac – Don’t forget that you and I have a date at Donnelly’s this Summer! In fact, I think an Adk blog meetup at Donnelly’s would be fun.

  6. ohhh, what a great idea! How many folks do you blog with that would be available for the meeting?

  7. There are many, maybe ten or more. But I guess the problem would be that folks are really spread out – Malone, P’burgh, Champlain Valley. You and I and 46er Family are about it on our side of the mountain, and 46er lives in the city and isn’t always up north.

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