I Win.

Okay, I am going to declare it. You all know that I am generally a team player. But this time, I’m calling the game in my favor. That is, I officially have the weirdest, most unfortunate, most laugh-out-loud blog search results. Not exactly Rated XX, but they’re sort of fun in a PG13 way.

There are the usual moderately funny things and the inexplicable link trails (someone repeatedly checking my search engine rankings and then following through to the blog). There are the amusing-but-sensible searches that lead folks here – broken down rv, potatoes, and goat shed builder texas. And a few folks that must have remembered details, but forgot where they put me – tin lizzy blog simple living and city mouse country mouse moving from ny. But most searches leading folks here were variations on the same theme – adirondacks, homesteading, city mouse, country house. Top referrers are Adirondack TrailheadAdk Forum, and Twitter.

But the theme with the most variations – and I hesitate to mention this – is, well … let’s just say there are a lot of folks that maybe didn’t realize they were misspelling a key search word while looking for information. Confused? Just take the name Small Pines, and reverse the i and the e in Pines.

what is a small pines
a very small pines
small pines photos
small pinass
smallest pines ever
small pinese
small pinies
smell pinese photos

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.



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5 responses to “I Win.

  1. Here I am at school and laughing out loud at this post. I’ll be giggling for at least an hour. You are so right,… just can’t make that stuff up.

  2. It would be fun to see if we can’t get you guys up on the list for “Big Oak” too.

  3. Ha ha ha! And bravo – you managed to explain that in such a tasteful, PG way! LOL!!

  4. Now that is just way too funny! Thanks for giving me the giggles.

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