A Jeep Naming

Ol’ Wild Bill drove our new ride up onto his trailer today and brought it home to the farm. The trailer made more sense than trying to coerce a nice lady goatherder to follow him in another car.

Wild Bill will be running the Burgundy Beast around, giving it some exercise, and checking into what TLC it might need. As I mentioned before, we got it at a great price. Might as well spend some money having it put into even better shape. Wild Bill is going to mail us the title here, we’ll insure and register it in New York, and then we’ll drive the plates down South, slap ’em on, and head back.

Of course, any right and proper Jeepster needs a good name. I’m pretty into “The Burgundy Beast.” No? Any ideas? Maybe some photos will prompt inspiration.








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13 responses to “A Jeep Naming

  1. No name suggestions, but I think Rufus will look great in the back seat!!

  2. Finally, no more $50 fines for returning the rental car with Sheltie-shed all over it. LOL

  3. that jeep looks in great shape for it’s age! No matter how hard you try I’ll bet it will always be the Burgendy Beast or BB for short. Names like that usually stick!

  4. Awesome! I love leather! Way easy to clean and polish.

  5. Kat

    How’s about “General Burgoyne”? Aka “The General” for short.

  6. I vote for the Burgandy Beast too!

  7. Wow, that is really nice! Congrats, again!! I feel like “Burgundy Beast” is too…unfriendly? Your Jeep seems like a nice Jeep. šŸ˜› I like “The General” tho!

  8. Wish I liked “The Polar Roller.” Catchy.

  9. I’m with Carole. It doesn’t look like a “beast” to me at all. I keep thinking of “winey” names, but nothing really feels right. Maybe it’s like pets – sometimes they sorta name themselves.

  10. Gail

    Looks like you got a nice ride there, you will enjoy it, I love mine. Congrats on your new toy.

  11. Emerson!

    (For Ralph Waldo Emerson…)

  12. I’d bet it will shorten to “Beast” or “Beastie.”

    Big question: is it a boy or a girl? I have to figure that out first. My Rendezvous is definitely a girl; she has no name yet, but definitely female for all her go-anywhere attitude.

    The truck, however is BuRT. Male, absolutely. Big ugly Red Truck. The ugly is little letters because we don’t want to hurt its feelings.

    Nissan? Lil Green Car is also female, but like the RVous she’s a tough customer. Suited to her mountain home.

    So first figure out its sex, then you’ll get a name for sure.

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