Wild Bill is my hero.We just bought a maroon 1989 Jeep Cherokee Limited!

All is in great shape – perfect leather interior, power options all good, new injectors and fuel pump, brand new 31 snow/mud tires. It has a little wear on the clear coat of the paint and it has a cut-off issue sometimes, but we got it for a great price, so we have plenty of money left over to fix that. Wild Bill is on the case already. BlueBook/NADA values it at $4k to $11k, so we did pretty well. We paid much less than that. Exactly what we wanted – nice tough ride, good for our terrain/ice/snow, and great for hauling. And it has a rack for that canoe (that I don’t own yet). I’ll have some more pics coming soon, but for the time being, here the official glamour shot –


First car in over 15 years. Weird? Nah, not in the city. We’re certainly not in the minority – most people in New York City don’t own cars. Generally, we all do pretty well. However, being carless does sometimes have its downside. With the advent of a new-to-us car and some of the other neat things that will be happening in the next few months, I thought it would be fun to post Some of the Things We Will Not Miss.

I will not miss the Albany Bus Station on the Adirondack Trailways line.
I will not miss needing an act of congress and a rental car to travel anywhere.
I will not miss trekking to CT to save on the NYC rental car rates.
I will not miss having to carry home giant items from Lowe’s on the subway.
Most of all, I will not miss rolling my groceries home in my granny cart.

So, from the list of big dramatic steps to our Adirondack move – two down, three to go.

Buy a Sizable RV
Buy a 4×4, Preferably a Jeep

Tear Down the Old Horror House
Get-Rid-of and Pack Up

Of course, our beautiful 4-wheeling baby is still down south. Gotta go pick ‘er up. Ah, well. Seems as if one more rental car trip is in our future. That’s okay – I’d been wanting to visit the goats anyway.



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7 responses to “Jeeped

  1. Congratulations on your new “baby!”

  2. The Albany bus station is totally sketchy!! The many hours of my life that I’ve been there, I usually just stayed in my own little world and didn’t look at anyone. Once someone talked to me and I pretended I was deaf. It worked!

  3. ditto on that Albany bus station. yikes.

    And congrats on making the leap! Hope the spring is good to us and makes a proper welcome for you.

  4. Woohoo…major congrats! I already summed up pretty much everything in the email. (What did you think of that video?) That said, there’s one more thing…

    You don’t have a car (or a truck, SUV, etc.).

    You have a Jeep. 🙂

  5. Yea for your new Jeep!! Congrats! You are knocking down your list. Hey – I just noticed you have a zazzle store too! I’m off to check it out! (Mine is

  6. Marilyn

    Glad to hear there’s another one off your list!!! Ya did Good…I didn’t know that rates were cheaper for rentals here in Ct…But then again I’m amazed when I go into the city for the day and have a ‘SIMPLE’ lunch!!!! $$$$$ Maybe we’ll brown bag it next time…
    Have a GREAT weekend…

  7. Woo-HOO! You done good!

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