Taking Requests

Plans are underway, as you know. Wild Bill has an appointment this afternoon to check out the Jeep (in the post below) … and I am super excited about that! I think I’m starting to feel the first pangs of “this is going to be a long three months before we move.” Hmm. Maybe getting the Jeep early will help assuage those feelings?

A few folks over the last month asked via email and comments to see some specific pics, so I thought it would be fun to do a photo day. Looks like another sunny day here. Pretty awesome. You have an awesome March 24 too!


Donnelly’s Ice Cream

(The view from the benches is in the Gallery.)

My Ideal Garden

(This is what I’m going for in the side yard.)


(The Official Photo)

Our Block in New York City

A few folks have asked what our city neighborhood is like, so I thought it would be nice to post a photo. I think most people think of the city as big bad apartment buildings and towers, dumpsters, and loud traffic-filled streets. Some of it is certainly like that, but we actually live on a very quiet, tree-lined block where all the neighbors know each other well and we all have backyards with pools and BBQs. Our house is just to the left. We really will miss it here.



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12 responses to “Taking Requests

  1. Anonymous

    Nice NYC neighborhood! And is there anything as good as Donnelly’s? Well, maybe Harrigan’s in Plattsburgh,… a tie for best. Is yours? He’s a handsome fellow!

  2. Such a tease to see Donnelly’s – so not fair!!

    LOVE the pup – Sheltie?

    3 months will breeze by quickly!

    Funny – I did a photo thing yesterday on my blog.

  3. I love the contrast between “the ideal garden” and your city neighborhood.

    What an adventure it must have been for the early city vacationers to go North.

    Donnelly’s vs. Harrigan’s, a worthy competition.

    (heh, that’s like 3 Tweets there…)

  4. Yep – Sheltie. Although he thinks the name of his breed is “Good Boy.”

    I am TOTALLY getting a panel together this summer to sample Donnelly’s ice cream and then drive over to Plattsburgh to taste Harrigans’s! Harrietstown vs. Plattsburgh! – This Summer, it’s ON!

  5. Your NYC neighborhood is beautiful…so peaceful looking…I can see why you will miss it there. Rufus is GORGEOUS, and i love shade gardens…so cool and magical.

  6. It’s been so fun and exciting following along with you on this adventure – how are we ALL going to survive waiting three more months!?!? 😀
    Rufus is just adorable, btw. I definitely think you should share more Rufus with us in the future. 🙂

  7. I just love your street! When I rode with Wild Bill I wanted him to drive through side streets at night so I could be a peeping tom. I wanted to see how everyone had their home decorated! LOL When he drove in NY I could see right inside the apartments and townhouses and loved it.

  8. I am cruelly disappointed. I thought you were taking requests for out of town shipments of Donnelly’s. Cruelly disappointed.

  9. I love the street you live on in NY. But I also love the place you are moving to – I think it’s okay to love both places – each offers something. Rufus is too gorgeous!!

  10. nice photos! The street in NYC is lovely. No wonder you wanted to have both. I’ve never visited NYC, but I’d like to one day, to see the off-the-tourist-grid places.

  11. Hmmm… the city girl in me is wondering why you’re leaving such a place. lol.

    But I love the country just as much. So I get it. I really do.

  12. What’s up with my blue sourpuss face in the comment above!!! lol.

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