Sweet Ride 03.23.09

Don’t quite know what it is this week, but the used jeeps and SUV possibilities are falling like rain. Our friend Wild Bill down South (where there’s far more people, far more cars for sale, far less road salt and snow damage) is still on the case, looking for a cool used ride for us. He’s a crack mechanic and a good friend, and besides that, Wild Bill has a farm. Spent the morning chasing after fifteen angry roosters. (I’m not kidding.) They were being sold. I guess I’d be angry too.

Today’s Sweet Ride is a 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4×4 with brand new mud tires.


We’ll see how it goes.

Only Wild Bill knows.



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5 responses to “Sweet Ride 03.23.09

  1. This is becoming very suspenseful! Which will it be? Which will it be? 🙂

  2. I want this one BAAAAAAAD! Hope it works out timing wise, and hope it checks out mechanically. I have a total crush on this jeep!

  3. If this one doesn’t work out, there are more fish in the sea!

    But I do like the 4 door compared to the 2 door.

  4. I’m sure you could guess that this one is my favorite so far. 😉

  5. When will you decide? And what will you name your sweet ride?? 🙂

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