Sweet Ride 03.19.09

If you’re coming late to the auto story, here’s the scoop – A friend down South (far more people, far more cars for sale, far less road salt and snow damage) is looking for a used 4-wheel drive ride for us. Our good friend Wild Bill is a crack mechanic. Has a little farm too. With goats. I was going to ask the goats to check out cars for us, but their horns get stuck under the hood. So we went with Wild Bill. He’s been scanning the listings looking for possibilities. So you see, what we end up with very much depends on what shows up for sale.

Today’s Sweet Ride is a 1986 Chevy Tahoe in terrific shape, and it floats my boat quite nicely, thank you – room to haul and not quite a full-sizer. I think it’s kind of neato.



We’ll see how it goes.

Only Wild Bill knows.



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7 responses to “Sweet Ride 03.19.09

  1. looks like it has a class III hitch and possibly a 7-pin connection,… not a bad plus. This would be a work vehicle,.. not for touring, right?

  2. Marilyn

    As long as it gets the job done I always say!!!
    Just make sure it doesn’t get stuck in the MUD!!!

  3. I love the image of goats as mechanics. I didn’t even really get the rest of the post, I was too busy imagining them standing on their hind legs with the hood up.

  4. It is blue or purple.

    The car, not the goats.

  5. Cedar – Yeah, just for driving very local and hauling, not for touring. We’ll eventually get a smaller second car.

    GMom – Exact same picture in my head!

    Mac – “Tis blue. =)

  6. Heh heh heh. Goats.

    Looks like a great choice for you. I hope the deal works out.

    I’ve left a couple of awards for you at my place. No pressure to post or to pass them on, though. I just wanted to say thanks for being so special.

  7. I like that Tahoe! It looks tough, yet nimble – powerful, but not pretentious – nice! I like a vehicle that you can get a little dirty or muddy without having a heart attack. Keep us posted…

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