Following the Fold

Well, I was among the first on the Adirondack Twitter Scene, but I didn’t sequester for long. The Twitterondacks are totally blowing up this week. Jumping on board early was a good thing, too. I totally scored the user name Adirondacks!

twitterWhat is Twitter? It’s a self-described communication tool to “discover what is going on right now.” It works like this – You sign up, you send 140 character messages (called “tweets”), you make friends with others and allow them to follow your messages. You’re able to send messages from your computer, from your cell phone, or your PDA. Sort of an almost-real-time community made up of whoever you choose.

birdI always find the ins and outs of internet communication fascinating, and this is no exception. I’m using Twitter to specifically hang out with friends, both old and new. A lot of the folks I know have commercial interests, using the service to connect with other businessfolk. Some acquaintances are using it to promote their blog posts.

Yes, yes. You might be seeing my point – If you’re using it as a fun and personal connection tool, who wants to read a page full of trumpery? (My personal peeve is blog link hyperposting.) I suspect that Twitter filters are not far behind. For now, I’m just selective about who I follow. It’s pretty neat. One of the other things that I really like is that I was able to put a widget on the front page of my blog, so I’m able to add a little bit of of real-time goodness there. Anyhow. I’m really having fun with it.

TourPro signed up at just about the same time I did, and wrote a comprehensive post about the whole scene yesterday. A few of my blog friends were already using the service, and so it’s nice to connect to them in more than blog comments. I recently met TasteBistro, who is hanging out over at the Mirror Lake Inn.

If you’re already on, let me know. If not, check it out before all the good user names are gone!

(Late breaking update – As has been the case before, TourPro just totally improved my online experience by suggesting TweetDeck. Sort of an on-site manager for folks that have a lot of Twitter followers. Awesome! Advanced, but awesome.)



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6 responses to “Following the Fold

  1. Holy Cow! Say Hi to Barry, er Taste Bistro, for me. If he hasn’t got a clue who Gettysburg Mom is you can provide the nudge that I trained him in reservations for a bit when he was doing a stint in sales. Yeah. The reservations coordinator who up and moved to Gettysburg.

    But, I refuse to twitter. I clearly do not need another time suck.

  2. Twitter is all powerful and resistance is futile.
    Twitter will not be ignored.
    Look at the tweet. Look only at the tweet.

  3. I might have to check Twitter out …you are making it sound enticing!

  4. I’m going to have to get back over to Twitter. I use Facebook much the same way, and so I deserted Twitter when one of the people I follow started posting every ten minutes. I guess I could un-follow him, huh?

  5. TweetDeck is pretty cool for that very thing Suzette – it’s a free download. Just google it. It’s like a control panel for your Twitter, and you can follow as many as you like, but put them in groups, so you only have to look at the messages you like.

  6. Yeah, I’m a fan of TweetDeck too – you’re right – it is pretty cool! That was totally a great score on getting the name “Adirondacks”.
    Oh and thanks for the “shout out” – it gave me a happy warm fuzzy feeling. 😀

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